Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hands Down

Inside, the words are falling
Falling down
For it's pike
The hunter kills the
Village clown

Hi! Long time not blogging again... Went through quite messy times, now all is getting better... Here i made a post with my dearest, Abel, he fuckin' killed me... Check out his blog too, its awesomeness :) I dont tell you any story now, becouse its too late and i work tomorrow (yes, graphic designer, woot!!), i'd just like to highlight two shops I'm wearing many items from: Datum - the collar im wearing is from there, it looks so nice and has RLV function too, not a simple accessory, check out ;) The other shop is called Inhale, they make really cool tattoos and other accesories. They participate in an event called The Unique Varied, it starts 22 Oct, I'm now wearing their creation for that. So much awesome stuff, thanks!
Now its time to go for me, I'll tell stories another time (don't know when, soooo busy these days) Now click 'Read more' and find out about the items. See you!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Smoke and lasers, love and ravers
Afterglow, we're ready for the afterglow
Lights and action, strong attraction
Afterglow, we're ready for the afterglow

Hiii, its been a long time again... Actually i made this pic before my holiday but who has the time for posting... I just realize im an awful lazy blogger, moreover, compared to my babe, who so hardworking with it. (Hi there, i wonder if you ever read my posts :D)
Was on an awesome holiday with my bros, in UK, had some crazy nights there, too bad its over :(  Nevermind, might be back soon...

Now i dont write more, becouse im feeling too good and my mind is empty. Listen to the song and you will be happy too, bye :D

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Two new poses

Hi, i just made these 2 poses the other day, time to release them. They are mod so you can adjust how you want, however, i made 2 variants of each, one works with M/M, while the other with M/F the best.
Bloody tattoos also included, transferable so you can send to your posing partner.

Another thing: Will not be available for about a week, becouse just go on holiday, to UK, woooot! So excited. See you!

Friday, 15 August 2014

And I want to wake up in your white, white sun

I'm just done with my first pose ever... I really enjoy making poses, i admit, so sure more will be coming soon. This one you can already buy in my shop on MP or INWORLD (click!click!)

Oh, and.. its modify in case you needed to be adjusted, do not worry.


Monday, 11 August 2014


I’m hot because I’m zef, you ain’t because you not!
Dis iz why, dis iz why, dis iz why I’m hot motherfuckers!

Yeah wasnt being able to post recently, was very busy lately *coughs*. Im such a lazy ass... Ok not that much just i really had other activities.
I dedicate this post now for one of my fav bands, Die Antwoord. I was so lucky to attend at their concert last tuesday; while was making the pics,  i was inspired by the stage they had. Was just too fucking awesome, i really died. These hilarious artists on stage, weirdos all around (feels like home) all sweaty stranger bodies bouncing together going all crazy, feeling out of this world, smell of hemp fills the air, and so hot and lack of oxygen you literally could die... I think the most awesome concert i was ever at :D And they played all my fav songs even the grossest :D Since a week i really wish for a time machine... Whatever.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New 10L$ item

From now, i will not be giving out dollarbies for 1L$, but 10L$. Sorry to say, but im tired of freebie hunters who just pick up everything becouse its cheap or free and go next... maybe you will consider if this item worth the price and respect my work, not complaining about blabla why it doesnt have ass applier and such... its free, dont complain! I will make more appliers when i will be able to... So more will come, hopefully.

Here it comes, hope you like it :D

Buy: MP, Inworld


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Take It Away

Hi again! This post i made with Abel, you will see more post with him from now (i hope so?)
We were at a very good exhibit where go these awesome accessories and poses. It was such an awesome place both we had to invite our friends there :D I knew from the start that in the end i will make this post with him, not like he was knowing by then what are we doing there and from where i get those poses :D
After a great week start i had my most awful vacation ever :( I just write it as a reminder for myself to never forget that there are a LOT of retard assholes everywhere and humankind is really deserved to disappear already. Now im out :D

Friday, 4 July 2014

Rag and Bone

Well can't you hear we're selling rag and bone?
Bring out your junk and we'll give it a home
A broken trumpet or a telephone
Come on, come on, come on, come on and give it to me

The other day i was just wandering around thinking what to wear when suddenly i found a nice shop with many unique clothes. It's  called Shushu, take a look at it if you like this style :D There were many wearable demos as groupgifts, this outfit was one of them. Love it! When finally i could get my outfit together i knew the perfect place will be my friend, Dorian's place, becouse i love that since he showed me. Too bad it just disappeared today :( (Tell your bf you dont need that fancy big house and change back to the attic, man!)
By the way, its amazing how my favourite band White Stripes has a song i can relate to anything :D This song always was one of my favourites from them, listen to it now! Listen to the whole album Icky thump, thats the album i like the most from them. Raw, rumbling blues, a true masterpiece!(And bless Jack White!)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wanna Tell You

There are so many things i wanna tell you a whole blog wouldnt be enough. So i just shut my mouth and keep being mysterious for now.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fallen Leaves

Hi! Long time no see :) I've been busy lately as many times. Still will be becouse i just got a comission work in RL, i will be working on in the next month, sorry for not so many posts.
This month going great so far, had a house warming party yesterday. Such a good party, even one guy threw up (shame on you! :D) We've been listening to this kind of music. We all listened to it when were teenagers. It's so sad we getting old and it was 9 years ago. At least our nostalgy is nothing like our parents'. Just imagine a bunch of grown-ups headbanging and kicking and shaking around :D Now its so late its early so just write this post and go sleep. See ya!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Suppose you were to die tonight. What would you say?

"I'll take your love
I'll take your hate
I'll take your desire

I'll take the world
when it turns on you
I'll set it on fire"

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Living Dangerously

The other day i got something from my sponsor, Madpea (thank you Kiana!), it is a soldier RP outfit and its very good quality. I didnt feel like dressing up as a soldier but some other thing immediately came into my mind... Have you ever heard about Pieter Hugo? He is one of my favourite photographers, lives in South Africa. Makes amazing photographs of SA people, speaking the truth through a twisted, sick visionary. I love his photos. Check them out HERE

So you can guess, i was very inspired by him while making this session. I wanted to make a hyena picture but didnt find one anywhere so i decided to draw one, i hope you like it :D There are actually people in Africa called Hyena Men, if you are interested what do they do watch a video about them HERE. It's very interesting!

Why an african man with a gun? There are tribes there who literally live with AK-47 (its huge imported to Africa from the US and other countries; left from wars, and its a good business for them to get rid of it and sell for a buck to tribes who are enemies to each other; how kind of the US, no?) Too bad its not an AK-47, nevermind MP5 will be ok for this guy :D

About the tune: I found this today while was listening to african music, i instantly knew this will be the song of this post. Listen and maybe you will know why. Ok, off now :)

Friday, 23 May 2014


It was a very long time since i made my last post, apologies. As i started studying meshing i dont have much time inworld. The other day i saw of facebook that Illmatic has a 100 L$ sale so i had to buy this hair :D I dont know if its still on, go and check, worth it. Also there is another sale going on right now, at Faux, everything is 50L$ until the 24th, so tomorrow. Hurry and check out their MP if you want something. I bought these shoes and necklace there. Both lovely. I just realized how bargain outfit is it, but nevermind looks good, no? :D As i mentioned before i love to buy Natasha cheap things, there are so many good quality for that price. Here is everything between 0-100 L$. Yeeahhh!!

Also i just decided to change image style not just becouse laying image is the trend but also i started to find it irritating that i cannot see the whole image in a window. So from now i think it will be like this :D
Also, im still too lazy to provide LMs and such (and i think i always will be) but from now i will write the name of the creator of items if its not a very well known shop. It also helps, i search by creator often also :) Just type the name in MP or Inworld search and you found it :D

Saturday, 10 May 2014

My first mesh clothing out now!

To be more exact, the first mesh clothing which is made fully by me, from meshing to texturing. I had 2 mesh items before but those were from templates, now this isnt :) And its fitmesh, yeeeaah! :D

I've been studying 3D programs in the past month, yeah thats why i didnt really care about my blog neither :) This came out of the studying. I still can be better, and need to learn a lot, but i guess its not bad for a first try so that why i dare to give it away, i hope you will like it :)

However if you point out any mistake and have information about how to fix that, i will be glad to hear your thoughts! I'm a maximalist with my work so i fixed everything what i could see. But more eyes also see more, no?

I will sell these for 200L$, but now, only for one week you can get it for half price. Hurry up, becouse i set the price on 18th May. If you like any other items in my shop pick those also becouse after that date some prices will rise up to normal, some items will disappear forever.

Buy them on Marketplace or in Inworld shop


Have a nice day!


Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Lost Mine Hunt

Today it will be a special post about The Lost Mine Hunt i went through a few days ago. Its not the usual "collect-the-item-and-grab-the-prize" hunt its more for people who like adventure better than just getting stuff for free or low price.
The hunt is made by the event planner company MadPea, they always make extraordinary events, based on horror, steampunk or fantasy in general, and the list goes on.
The hunt is based on a story, like the hidden object puzzle games, if you are fond of those you must try this hunt!


For the story base and instructions click the picture:

The hunt is built of 3 stages, my favourite part was the last one of course where i had to find out puzzle games. It took me time to find out how do i get out of the room but whenever i solved the puzzle it was a little celebration each time :D That would be more fantastic if they put even more puzzle games in their future hunts, its fascinating if your brain have to work while you having fun. And if you are a person who likes this kind of hunts you would be happy, no? :)
The destinations were also amazing i wanted to make more pictures but somehow forgot, just came into my mind when i got into the 3rd stage. Too bad something happened to my video card so SL reduced itself for low resolution :( I guess i shouldnt make 3000 X 4xxx pics all the time? :D

I will not tell more about the hunt now becouse you have to find out for yourself, i dont want to spoil:) Later you will see posts with the amazing prizes i got there.

NOTE: The hunt ends on the 30th April, so hurry up if you want to play! It takes about 2 hours and 150 L$ which is really worth it! If you want you can also buy clue finders for another 150 which is also good if you are impatient (finding the objects sometimes can take long!)


Skin: titzuki : Andrei skin pale / brows
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Gen Hair (black)


Sweater: LEVENCHY - Noir Sweater Demo/Gift (free! no demo signs!)
Jeans: *Cashmere and Keane* - Porter Jeans (black) (75L$ sale there now, until May 15!)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men's Combat Boots - Brown


Goggles: Madpea - Steam Punk Goggles (Items can be found on the sim)
Bag: Madpea/Dwarfins - Lost Mine Collection Bag (necessary to be able to play the hunt!)
Little pea buddy: Madpea - Pea Clue Finder Male

Warning! Spoiler pictures after this! If you dont want to know what places you can go and what will you do in this hunt, dont look from now!

Monday, 14 April 2014

This Day

Feeling fucked up for no(?) reason lately. Happens sometimes.
Here are some happy pictures for you instead.

100 and under sale for girls

Im having a sale now since a few weeks just i was too lazy to post about it... Also somehow i forgot it :D I'm having this sale for a while (until new things arrive) After that many items will disappear so be sure to grab the ones you like.


All women's clothes and skins are 100 and under. Except skin fatpacks. You can find only fatpacks of my skin in inworld store for 500. You can buy one by one on MP, but not all versions.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Valar Morghulis


After a long break i think im back again. I was moving in RL and it was stressful and busy. I'm still not ready with packing, muhahah. I didnt know that we have this much stuff. Sooo, a new april has come which means a new Game of Thrones season. I wasnt so satisfied with season 3 so i just watched the last episode this weekend and still didnt watch the first of the new season but will check it out :D You can guess, after reading the books the series can get boring.
A new fair also came to SL, called 'The Secret Affair' you can find many GoT themed stuff there. I didnt plan to impersonate anybody from the series but after i saw so many 'Khaleesis' and 'Mothers of dragons' i knew i have to break the monotony with another character. I dont know if the many women dressed up like that becouse Daenerys is their favourite character or they just could buy things at that fair about her (seriously, there were rarely items at that fair what arent about her, shame!) Of course i can also understand if she is your fav character, sexy, blonde, strong, one of the characters who went through the biggest evolution, but come on guys, dont be surprised if the 'Khaleesi' theme gets boring for me :D Its my personal opinion, others can bath in as many Daenerys as they want.
So, here im impersonating my Nr.1 favourite character Arya. Sadly, if you saw only the series you arent able to know her well, many things she went through cannot recorded by camera. I like her character the most becouse in my opinion its the deepest of all. She is alone a lot so we dont hear her conversations but her thoughts. Through her struggles she goes as deep as a rat and after rises with a lot of anger pain in her heart. Also, she kinda reminds me when i was a child.
I know nobody will answer this but who is your most favourite character and why?

Click for outfit details

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hi! I'm back from my trip at hometown i had an awesome week with friends and family! Too bad this one week reunion was becouse my brother moves to another country in 2 days :( I wish him the best im sure he we like it living abroad.
Ok about the look: A few weeks before Miri invited me to a girls pyjama party, i was excited i never was on a party like that before :D In the end we didnt go there so i found out why not search for a pj party! We found a good one -im good at finding things, they say- and it was awesome, there was a long ago when i joined that kind of party with dress contest. I like the big variety of avs who go there :D
I like this suicide girl look i made on Nati, im sure she was the hottest girl in the party. You wouldn't toss her out of your bed if she arrived to your pyjama party, would you? :D
IMPORTANT: Becouse i accidentally found out that anyone could cam under her panties i had to find a solution for that and i found the magnificent PUSSY REMOVER!!! It so handy, now perv papa bears will not find anything under your skirt if they cam around:D
About the tune: Much more awesome than the original!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Andrei is here


After a couple weeks of work the new 'Andrei' skin is here. I was inspired by the sexy male models of our age while making it. I meant to create something mysterious and fine i guess i succeed :D
I sell the shape and skins separated and you get things in the packs as by Bastian skins. You can read more about it HERE.

You can try the demo HERE.

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Careless Whisper

One day we were having our average afternoon with my rl boyfriend when he told me he has a song to show me. He said type 'Careless Whisper' in youtube... I thought omg what kind of shit that will be (I knew this song from George Michael but never knew the title, NOW THROW THOSE ROCKS ON ME! :D) I was surprised when i heard this song, never knew he is listening to this kind of music when he's at work! I have to say this woman has an amazing voice -bonus she is hot-  and in general this vintage jazz sounds so good with this song. I like it better than the original. The band is called Postmodern Jukebox, be sure to check out all their videos becouse they turn Justin Bieber's and Miley Cyrus' -and others- songs into awesomeness!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

I'm giving out a pre-release of the upcoming 'Andrei' skin series for this day. It's a ginger version of him :) It also includes abdomen hair on several layers. You can have this skin for free if you join my group inworld or you can also buy it on MP for as little as 50L$.

You can grab HERE


Sunday, 16 March 2014


I'm very much in a work again but didn't forget to post some goods here. I was on with Natasha the other day and found this nice jacket. The boots and cap(?) are from the same shop and both were groupgift! Don't forget to grab them! The leggings are made by me but not available at the moment. Maybe i release again after some fixes? If anybody needs...
When i put this outfit together i knew Nati would be very good as a 'race babe' so what comes next? Lets find flags and place... I had no problem with the place but flag? I found only a HUGE full perm on MP so i had to edit that a lot. I also made the skin with black lipstick only for her, sorry. I will make something similar in the future for the audience too, i promise.
About the band: Limp Bizkit is one of my favourite bands since i was 12. They were the first rock band whom i was addicted to. And they took a part of my english learning becouse i just started to learn by that time and couldnt understand much. So i read the lyrics in the CD's brochure, grabbed a dictionary and was trying to understand what the lyrics are about. If you aren't so good in english i advise you to read lyrics while listening to music, that's the most fun way of studying words and accent both!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014



First of all, today i want to show you my latest favourite artist i found 2 days ago :D I just found that on 1th May she will have a concert in my city, I'm sure i go :D She's danish and just having a tour in Europe. I was very happy when i found she comes here too becouse usually i get to know bands always late :D ( The Cure, i got to like when i was a teenager and before that they were here twice in 3 years :/ Ok, i was 11 that time i doubt my parents would let me to a festival :D)
Ok here you can see one of my favourite song/video from her. Many are my favourite so i will post more later :D

About the pics: We made this with Miri a long ago and had fun with standing next to each other correctly :D I remember i also was in a hurry that day but it came out good. I also made a secret shot of Miri and its very good that it made her happy when i showed it. It was fun to work on it though, i love to retouch women faces. Ok i like retouching in general.
Enough talk, here come the things:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Hey there! A new post with Natasha again! I guess from now i dont have to say that becouse i already have 4 photo sections with her. I have to say that i really enjoy dressing her up. This outfit i made more before Valentines day just didnt have the time to make pics of it by that time. Becouse Valentines day is a business day for me. Seriously, i never celebrated that. (Even if i had somebody to celebrate with, haha, sorry.) I think love isnt only about a day. We dont love each other more or less other days. Beleive me peeps, this occasion is founded by people who thought it would be great to get rich from it becouse there wasnt any occasion in February when crowds can consume.
Now that this post is all about love, watch this video. Nick Cave has an amazing voice as always! I never was a big fan of Kylie Minogue but i admit she always did her things right. And even her songs are good just i dont know, there is something about her i never liked. Not the same with this song, i love it since i know it (since i was 14 maybe?). It's a ballad, and its HEAVY.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I Cut Like A Buffalo

Nowadays i will be more active blogging since i got my pen tablet and i love to work with it :D
Wasn't in the mood to blog male items since a while so here is a Nati post again.
If you didn't get the free mesh hands and feet yet -its been a long time- be sure to visit the 'Shops' you can get them there.
About the tune: Who knows me can tell that i love everything that Jack White does he is a true genius of our age. I loved The White Stripes since i was a teenager and i  just discovered recently that he has 2 more bands beyond that and and his solo project. That man can live :D I choose this song becouse its one of my favs on the album and has an awesome video too. Enjoy!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Busy times


Lately i didnt have nor time neither mood for posting here since these are very busy days for me lately. I just started to educate myself, you will see the result by time.
Now, let me introduce to you Natasha, my model avatar ( I make the shop ads with her all the time since a long ). I think she looks quite hot and nowadays i thought why not dress her up nicely and make outfits for the blog :D Now i have many pics of outfits so here i share the first with you. I took this a long time ago but just have the mood to post, apoligies.
Ohhh btw, im mingy with her so you will see many free and cheap (but not cheap looking!!) outfits on her :D Its more fun since there are so many good things for women for a little price out there.

This outfit i made when hipster fair was going, i know its a long time ago. So you cannot get this dress for free anymore i guess.

Monday, 24 February 2014


Bastian skin is here. After more than a week finally im done with all the uploading and what comes after it (setting permissions and putting in packages so on, so on). I wish there was somebody who did it instead of me becouse its a pain in the ass for me...

So what you get with this skin?
  • 1x skin with eyebrows 
  • 1x skin without eyebrows 
  • 1x brows on tattoo layer
  • 2x stubble on tattoo layer
  • 1x abdomen hair on tattoo layer 
  • 1x abdomen hair on underwear layers

I made the tattoo add-ons modify becouse those are color-changeable. Well, the brows are actually fully color-changeable, the stubbles and the abdomen hair only can be set lighter or darker. Why? People dye their brows but can you do it with stubble? Or with body hair? That wouldnt make sense :D

So, doesnt matter if you are blonde or turquise, you can match your look to the hair. Awesome, eh?

I made this skin becouse i was a bit fed up with the same faces - lets be honest, not so many original male skins are out there nowadays - and also that every skin is too muscular or which isnt, those arent very detailed. I thought to find the best solution for my problem is to make a skin by myself which meets my needs.

You can find it in 7 tones.

In the end, after about 5 months of work finally im happy with it and can say i cannot find a mistake on it (those who know me can tell that its very hard for me not to find them). I sure plan to make hand and feet applier for it in the future, just please be patient. Oh, and there will be facial hair available - from tomorrow, i hope - which you can buy separated as tattoo layer.

Top Secret: I'm already working on the next face also.

Enough talk, you can buy the demo HERE, or the actual version on MP or in my inworld shop:

Have a nice day!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

New: Bastian Valentine's special pre-realase skin

Im happy to finally be done with this skin, after months of work. Before the whole line, im releasing a Valentine's special skin, have soft kisses on his chest and neck:) (And a hidden heart somewhere, ppst) Available until the end of the weekend. Only 50L$ and transferable, so you can give it as a gift to whoever you want.
Hurry, becouse it disappears by the end of the weekend :)

Inworld shop:


More coming soon <3

Now i head to bed, becouse it's 7 am and im so fucking tired.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#3 - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

I love Good Charlotte since i was 16. You might think this kind of music is for teenagers at a first glance but i dont think. Now im almost 25 and still listening to this kind of music a lot :D I think it aging with me. By that time it just sounded cool and rebellous but now with the nostalgy i listen to it (and many others from that era) i realized that many bands are also musically genial and sure will be listened 20-30 years later as we also listen to The Cure or AC/DC nowadays. The genres cannot be compared of course - none better or worse, just different.

This outfit i made now is inspired by this video. Yeah, not a secret im  impersonating Billy Martin who always was my favourite from the band becouse of his weird aura.

The subject of the song is actual and true, nowadays there are many celebs you dont know how they got there while they are dumbass. (propably sucking their way up)

What surprises me more that i recently discovered that there are celebs in SL too with groupies and so on. Fortunately here you can be one if you have actual talent in something too, so let those groupies coming! (Joke, joke :D)


Hair: Action - Alice (Jet)
Sunglasses: Reek - Park Shades
Guitar: [Scum Guitars] - Black Strato
Piercings: [-B-] :Basic Piercings
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] - Eye of Neuse
Face tattoo: I made it



Suit: Pr!cK - SoChiC Jacket BLACK
Shoes: Reek - Swell Sneaks

Friday, 7 February 2014

#2 - A hard day's night

"It's been a hard day's night, and I'd been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
Will make me feel alright"



Hair: booN - EIT564 hair black
Ears: AITUI - Stretched Ear - Human - 1" (not available anymore)
Scarf: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: - Wide Scarf (free!)
Bag: Indy&Co.: - The Ireben Carry-all (small)
Piercings: [-B-] :Basic Piercings
Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] - Eye of Neuse
Face tattoo: I made it


Shirt: / XIAJ / - Red Plaid Dress Shirt
Sweater: [Pumpkin] - Relaxed cardigan
Jeans: [Pumpkin] - Classic jeans
Shoes: :Rob: - Robbish Sneaker (not sure if still available)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Yaahhaaay my first outfit post!

I just checked my favourites on marketplace and i found a bike i favourited a long time ago. I didnt buy before becouse i was stingy with myself again (i do it all the time, than i just buy useless things).
Unfortunately the color i liked the most was already sold out but i found this color i like also. Those white wheels! I love them :D Now it was 99L$ only and you can have this color or pink. Hurry becouse there is limited quantity.


Shirt: Toro. - Troutchella shirt
Pants: Toro. - Black pants
Shoes: Duh! - Combat boots (black)


Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Bou (black)
Sunglasses: Reek - Park shades
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Eye of Neuse
Face tattoo: i made it
Bracelet: [I][I][M] - Studsbracelet
Piercings: -B- Basic piercings

Bike: [Emily Hearts] - Retro Bike - MD12 HERE

Oh, also check the place where i took the pics if you wish for a -really- peaceful and silent place where you can take photos or cuddle with your beloved. Its a nice pine forest by a lake  - HERE

(Also thanks Miri for the awesome funny night we spent on our bikes, "hunting".Here is a bonus pic of my favourite creature, just for you :D )

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Don't look back into the sun

Hi there!

I've been playing with those sky settings not a long ago and just wanted to show you this picture becouse i guess it came out well.
Taking photos on SL is one of my hobbies but my main favourite is to edit them. Even if im not that professional compared to a few other people. (God, when do they have the time to professionally edit all those many pictures? Enough is enough for me :D )
By the way, i show you my edited pics later. I didnt care about editing this one much, i think it has the feel even without being realistic.

About the model: Yeah you can meet her soon.