Monday, 3 February 2014


I’m Titzuki and finally i decided to make a blog. Nowadays im interested in this blogger culture and also i have a few friends who has a SL fashion blog. I always wanted to make one too, just wasn't sure i would have enough time for it. I cannot guarantee that i will make posts every day or very often, who knows. Well, time has just come to make the blog, lets see!
What will you see on this blog?

- Fashion posts: Yeah, i like to dress up and i guess i do it well often
- News: I also have my own store so this blog will be the most suitable place to show you my new works!
- Everything else: Haha you didnt think that fashion is the only thing im interested in, did you? Sure you will find subjects what interest me in general, be it SL related or not.
Sure i will have fun! I hope you too!


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