Sunday, 25 January 2015

Melodies & Desires

We have lots of books at home. I remember, as a child i often stuck my head in my parents' bookcase, looking for something interesting (oh, they had, moreover, in the back row, hidden from us!!!) ... My dad was always into arts, we had so many books about the subject from antiques to Picasso. There was one which always caught my interest, i loved to look at its pictures. It was a lookbook about Renoir's work. I always was amazed how he could paint such detailed and beautiful shadows and light, painting almost every leaf's reflection in the scene. He taught me also that shadows arent black or grey, they always have a tone depending on the enviroment. If you didnt know that, now you do. You wont be surprised he came in my mind after making these pics, those fields and all!! I love his colorful and detailed work with meadows and im happy i could create something what reminds me to it... So looking forward to spring!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

I fink u freeky and I like you a lot

"To my sexy boys, and my fancy boys,
And my playboys, and my bad boys,
And my pretty boys, and my ugly boys,
And my naughty boys,
We gonna have a nice time kids"

Ok, girls welcome too, this could be a nice valentine's postcard for y'all. Welcome!
I hopped on that creative wagon again to make another unoriginal piece sometimes i feel i have to. Yes you can see i was very inspired by Die Antwoord's album cover called Ten$ion, which if you dont know yet really should listen it will be an interesting experience.
Started with a crown i wanted to blog, now the pic has everything but that crown, next time maybe... I dont know why i headed to the male yo-landi instead but i think i like the result so far, took sooo much time... When i imagine something i can get so far that i make the things for myself that i cant find or too lazy to find, sometimes its easier... So if you want a pic with the same pose or the exact bloody heart, just give me a shout!

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Was in a creative mood yesterday again, so i just built this 'something' was so much fun that in the end this backdrop evolved into 3 spaceships shooting at each other - ofc in my own fucked up way. I can't show those now becouse i couldnt make the last pics but by the end of this post you can see a picture of one 'spaceship' at least 8D
Now im feeling very bad physichally so dont have many things to tell. Go check out the items here. Especially the shop where my hair and tank (vest?) are from cos thats amazing! I never been there before and dont even know how i found... I might not be so advanced at shopping tho, but if this shop is something new for you too, than im happy :D
See ya!

Click for credits and awesome photo of spaceship :D

Monday, 12 January 2015

Run Far

'Haha! Zip it, zip it, zip it
God damn this wicked jungle'

Just a quick post since its so late :D
Title is from a song from my newest artist called Elliphant, check out her songs, awesome! I just found out 2 days ago that i want to go to her concert even if its in a neighbour country and bit far, will worth it im sure... Moreover that we will spend the 'night' stuffed in the car like i used to do with my bros when visiting one of them in UK and got into some mischief... I think we gonna die again, so look forward to it.

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Friday, 9 January 2015



happy new year and all! Yeah been on a hiatus for a while, didnt feel like blogging lately... Also, got a new work which i might leave soon, woot! :D Whatever, life is a constant line of changes all the time, this is something we all have to deal with. I always find it scary but when happens im also surprised how easily i can get used to changes and barriers so we will see - i have some plans for this year i ll have to do, there are so many i wouldnt tell now.
Lately i feel like balancing on two edges, always inspired and careless, cheer and stoic...and extermely restless. Maybe it s becouse of my life or becouse of what i do to myself lately. Whatever. This year will be for creating my art, maybe this post is a good start however i will focus a lot on RL work becouse i just got a new challenge - i got a tattoo machine from my bro for christmas which i would never think of but i definately love it! Had the thought before to become a tattoo artist just didnt know back than... how to start? Like this, i guess, so i will design many tattoos these days, i had a plan of making tattoos for my av anyway...
Gbye 2014, let that 2015 begin!

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