Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hi! I'm back from my trip at hometown i had an awesome week with friends and family! Too bad this one week reunion was becouse my brother moves to another country in 2 days :( I wish him the best im sure he we like it living abroad.
Ok about the look: A few weeks before Miri invited me to a girls pyjama party, i was excited i never was on a party like that before :D In the end we didnt go there so i found out why not search for a pj party! We found a good one -im good at finding things, they say- and it was awesome, there was a long ago when i joined that kind of party with dress contest. I like the big variety of avs who go there :D
I like this suicide girl look i made on Nati, im sure she was the hottest girl in the party. You wouldn't toss her out of your bed if she arrived to your pyjama party, would you? :D
IMPORTANT: Becouse i accidentally found out that anyone could cam under her panties i had to find a solution for that and i found the magnificent PUSSY REMOVER!!! It so handy, now perv papa bears will not find anything under your skirt if they cam around:D
About the tune: Much more awesome than the original!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Andrei is here


After a couple weeks of work the new 'Andrei' skin is here. I was inspired by the sexy male models of our age while making it. I meant to create something mysterious and fine i guess i succeed :D
I sell the shape and skins separated and you get things in the packs as by Bastian skins. You can read more about it HERE.

You can try the demo HERE.

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Careless Whisper

One day we were having our average afternoon with my rl boyfriend when he told me he has a song to show me. He said type 'Careless Whisper' in youtube... I thought omg what kind of shit that will be (I knew this song from George Michael but never knew the title, NOW THROW THOSE ROCKS ON ME! :D) I was surprised when i heard this song, never knew he is listening to this kind of music when he's at work! I have to say this woman has an amazing voice -bonus she is hot-  and in general this vintage jazz sounds so good with this song. I like it better than the original. The band is called Postmodern Jukebox, be sure to check out all their videos becouse they turn Justin Bieber's and Miley Cyrus' -and others- songs into awesomeness!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

I'm giving out a pre-release of the upcoming 'Andrei' skin series for this day. It's a ginger version of him :) It also includes abdomen hair on several layers. You can have this skin for free if you join my group inworld or you can also buy it on MP for as little as 50L$.

You can grab HERE


Sunday, 16 March 2014


I'm very much in a work again but didn't forget to post some goods here. I was on with Natasha the other day and found this nice jacket. The boots and cap(?) are from the same shop and both were groupgift! Don't forget to grab them! The leggings are made by me but not available at the moment. Maybe i release again after some fixes? If anybody needs...
When i put this outfit together i knew Nati would be very good as a 'race babe' so what comes next? Lets find flags and place... I had no problem with the place but flag? I found only a HUGE full perm on MP so i had to edit that a lot. I also made the skin with black lipstick only for her, sorry. I will make something similar in the future for the audience too, i promise.
About the band: Limp Bizkit is one of my favourite bands since i was 12. They were the first rock band whom i was addicted to. And they took a part of my english learning becouse i just started to learn by that time and couldnt understand much. So i read the lyrics in the CD's brochure, grabbed a dictionary and was trying to understand what the lyrics are about. If you aren't so good in english i advise you to read lyrics while listening to music, that's the most fun way of studying words and accent both!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014



First of all, today i want to show you my latest favourite artist i found 2 days ago :D I just found that on 1th May she will have a concert in my city, I'm sure i go :D She's danish and just having a tour in Europe. I was very happy when i found she comes here too becouse usually i get to know bands always late :D ( The Cure, i got to like when i was a teenager and before that they were here twice in 3 years :/ Ok, i was 11 that time i doubt my parents would let me to a festival :D)
Ok here you can see one of my favourite song/video from her. Many are my favourite so i will post more later :D

About the pics: We made this with Miri a long ago and had fun with standing next to each other correctly :D I remember i also was in a hurry that day but it came out good. I also made a secret shot of Miri and its very good that it made her happy when i showed it. It was fun to work on it though, i love to retouch women faces. Ok i like retouching in general.
Enough talk, here come the things:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Hey there! A new post with Natasha again! I guess from now i dont have to say that becouse i already have 4 photo sections with her. I have to say that i really enjoy dressing her up. This outfit i made more before Valentines day just didnt have the time to make pics of it by that time. Becouse Valentines day is a business day for me. Seriously, i never celebrated that. (Even if i had somebody to celebrate with, haha, sorry.) I think love isnt only about a day. We dont love each other more or less other days. Beleive me peeps, this occasion is founded by people who thought it would be great to get rich from it becouse there wasnt any occasion in February when crowds can consume.
Now that this post is all about love, watch this video. Nick Cave has an amazing voice as always! I never was a big fan of Kylie Minogue but i admit she always did her things right. And even her songs are good just i dont know, there is something about her i never liked. Not the same with this song, i love it since i know it (since i was 14 maybe?). It's a ballad, and its HEAVY.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I Cut Like A Buffalo

Nowadays i will be more active blogging since i got my pen tablet and i love to work with it :D
Wasn't in the mood to blog male items since a while so here is a Nati post again.
If you didn't get the free mesh hands and feet yet -its been a long time- be sure to visit the 'Shops' you can get them there.
About the tune: Who knows me can tell that i love everything that Jack White does he is a true genius of our age. I loved The White Stripes since i was a teenager and i  just discovered recently that he has 2 more bands beyond that and and his solo project. That man can live :D I choose this song becouse its one of my favs on the album and has an awesome video too. Enjoy!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Busy times


Lately i didnt have nor time neither mood for posting here since these are very busy days for me lately. I just started to educate myself, you will see the result by time.
Now, let me introduce to you Natasha, my model avatar ( I make the shop ads with her all the time since a long ). I think she looks quite hot and nowadays i thought why not dress her up nicely and make outfits for the blog :D Now i have many pics of outfits so here i share the first with you. I took this a long time ago but just have the mood to post, apoligies.
Ohhh btw, im mingy with her so you will see many free and cheap (but not cheap looking!!) outfits on her :D Its more fun since there are so many good things for women for a little price out there.

This outfit i made when hipster fair was going, i know its a long time ago. So you cannot get this dress for free anymore i guess.