Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Late Night

This took me only 3 days to edit  but i rather was distracted, fight me! Featuring Seung-ji Park and some shameless self-promotion.
When i finished making this backdrop i knew right away  i wanted to make a blogpost with him. Thanks dude for being up for it,
I think it turned out great, just how i imagined!
Now forward to my annual blogpost, check out the goodies:

on Seung-Ji
 Hair : .: fiore :. RHEA Hair
 Mask : `RONOMONO / School look s/s M.mask 1
Jacket : `M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Jacket on shoulder5
Sweater : BTTB hemma gacha - 3 baggy sweater
Belt : FAKEICON / vason belt
Pants : Semller -  Tourist Gacha Rare
Socks : FAKEICON / basal socks / belleza jake

on Titzuki
Hair: RAMA.SALON - Bella Hair
Safety pin earring: HAUNTEDCASTLE / Luwanie set
Choker: (Yummy) DIY Punk Choker - Silver
Sunglasses: *agp* Johnny Sunglasses
Sweater: BTTB hemma gacha - 1 baggy sweater
Pants & belt: FAKEICON / vason
Coat: AMITOMO / handmade GACHA / RARE
Shoes: {Livalle} Cambridge - Oxford Creepers
Socks: FAKEICON / basal socks

Street: FAKEICON / shopping district / LIS backdrop
Street lamp: +SOMALI+ - [20]SIGNAL1
Car: {LOVER2} - Muscle Car

Poses by RKposes

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Beach Bum

Another year passed, time for another annual blog post! I wish i would be inspired/bored enough more often to do it... Sometimes i miss it.

Anyway! This time i was very inspired to make this post, i've actually been putting this outfit together since about 2 weeks. It took me this long because i had to make the belt choker for it, without that it wouldn't be the same. Sharing is caring, so you can also buy it now at a new event called INDUSTRIE, where you can find many other contemporary and modern minimalist designed items, check it out!

I have to admit what inspired me for this post is this amazing shirt (part of a full outfit) from my love for BOYS TO THE BONE, i just put it on and everything else found place. Now what is zen if not this !? Thanks love ♥ You can find this awesome set at Kustom9 still, hurry!

And also special thanks for Eve Kazan and Mad' for taking my request and helping me complete my outfit with this cute mustache i've been searching for everywhere and couldnt find any. High quality thin mustache -that doesn't look like dirt, sorry old mp creators- without any other facial hair for young guys didn't exist in SL. Until now. Find it on her Marketplace or inworld store now!

Last but not least, let me promote our new sim Stone Ridge to you a bit, my love did an amazing work with decorating it all around, i also helped him a bit. This nordic beach scene is worth visiting, so many beautiful details there worth photographing! You can find this beach after crossing the park. Go explore because we might or might not hold a sim photo contest soon ;)

Hair: +Spellbound+ Honey
Blackeye: VileCult - FATPACK Bite Me
Mustache: Mad' - Justin Moustache
Choker: FAKEICON / vason choker
Shirt: BTTB javlar outfit (only top here)
Jacket /w hoodie: SEUL GARCON - raglan Denim Jacket & Sherpa Hoodie
Pants: *COCO* _SideSlitWideLegPants (female item!)
Boots: FAKEICON / stomp shoes

Poses by Animosity


Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's that time of the year again. It doesn't but somehow still feels like if I got back on track with blogging again. Not though.
Have to show off some stuff that inspired me a lot lately. I never got so excited before when it came to subscription boxes -truly, most of the time it's a good business only for the provider of this service, not the designers nor the customers- but I heard about a new one, which contains only builds. Bought it for Jack and we were both very happy with it! It contained buildings/houses from 10(?) designers, all of them were very good quality and cute! It was 2000Ls before, now i think it's 3000 but that would be still only 300L for one house, it's a bargain. So go ahead and buy it, you won't regret!
Decocrate also had one good theme: minimalism! This was the first time that i felt the urge that we need to buy it and i regret nothing, all the stores made awesome items. I hope they will put aside the fantasy-cutesy bs more often and provide us something liveable and sleek like this round.
This outfit took me a lot to make because I had a hard time finding stuff to complete my refined-zen outfit with which I figured out the theme the moment I owned this overall and the clovers, truly inspiring! After wearing the overall I loved the color so much i had to tint everything that color, no im not obsessed :D
That's enough for now, just one thanks to Jerome Jhamal for the shoes, they look awesome! (I hope one day I can also have them in this beautiful nude color :D) Check out his inworld store that just opened with more goodies!
Last but not least ofc, I would like to mention this beautiful bag my love Jack Valentine made for this round of Kustom9. His creativity and playful talent always amazes me whenever I see him making a new release. This bag is one of my favorites not only because It's very high quality and versatile but he put his whole swedish heart in it. ♥
Ps: Sorry not sorry for the lot of babbling, it's spring or what.

Hair: little bones. Kym
Overall: Clef de Peau.Alvin Jumpsuit Ivory @ 6 Republic
Robe: Peqe - Jacket Vest
Choker: Maxi Gossamer -  Necklace - Trina Metal Bands (texture changed!)
Bracelet: 7;] Carabiner Choker - Lime - Silver
Shoes: BrotherHood - Sock Speed Trainer BLACK @ their mainstore
Socks: FAKEICON / basal socks (tinted)
Clovers on back: Tamagosenbei Clover Shoulders @Gacha Garden

House: Aethis Creations @ Builder's box
Garden: Ex Machina - Karesansui - Japanese Minimalist Garden @ Decocrate
Desk, plant, big chair: Di'Cor Simone Entry way set @ Decocrate
Desk clutter, desk chair: Sari-Sari Workspace @ Decocrate
Bag: Boys to the Bone - hej shoulder bag @ Kustom9

Poses by Del May

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

23rd Century Love

A few days ago i found out about this "mankini" my love is wearing in his picture, this theme came in my mind instantly. I remember he tried to make a Leeloo inspired outfit before too, but with the lack of items it was impossible. I'm glad that he could finally find something suitable even though it's not the same rubber suit with the holes that we both love (i only can wish that someday it will happen... and for males? dreams :'D ) but it's still an awesome and versatile piece.
I also had much fun creating this Corben outfit, geez, i didn't remember how well dressed he was also!
If you have no idea what am I talking about I strongly recommend you to watch the movie 'Fifth element' because it's a cult movie and a very cute and funny sci-fi love story and the fashion and visuals in it are extraordinary! The costume designer was Jean Paul Gaultier, do i need to say more?

Hair: Action Inkubator 3D Base [LELUTKA]
Cigarette: Daffy's Gadgetmania
Phone: :BAMSE: Brick Phone - Silver
Shirt: [rua modena] Ribbed Tank Top - Milk (tinted) 
Gun: Red Peppers Designs
Namecard holder: .Shi : Past group gift
Pants, boots: ::ZED:: MESH Full Combat Outfit - Black

Skybox: ~Isil~ Lunar Station Double Module (group gift!)
Pots: Soy. UTD - Stacked pots and 5. AF Copper Pan Set
~BAZAR~Retro fridge
(fd) Cat - 12 Curious
Rug: NEKKA - 1 prim sculpt carpet 13

Pose by Artis @ Pose Fair (upper body modified)
Couple pose by me

Monday, 17 April 2017

Don't Forget Me

"Make the hair stand
Up on your arm
Teach you how to dance
Inside the funny farm
Not alone, I’ll be there
Tell me when you wanna go"

So my love wanted to take pictures of the our new place. It's the best opportunity for me to take porn pics of him and me instead. We're living quite busy days in RL lately that the spring is here and holidays are on but there is always some time to have some fun together ;D This supposed to be a blog post but there is really nothing to blog so just enjoy the pictures instead.
Ps: I love you little bug. I'm addicted ♥