Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Smoke and lasers, love and ravers
Afterglow, we're ready for the afterglow
Lights and action, strong attraction
Afterglow, we're ready for the afterglow

Hiii, its been a long time again... Actually i made this pic before my holiday but who has the time for posting... I just realize im an awful lazy blogger, moreover, compared to my babe, who so hardworking with it. (Hi there, i wonder if you ever read my posts :D)
Was on an awesome holiday with my bros, in UK, had some crazy nights there, too bad its over :(  Nevermind, might be back soon...

Now i dont write more, becouse im feeling too good and my mind is empty. Listen to the song and you will be happy too, bye :D

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Two new poses

Hi, i just made these 2 poses the other day, time to release them. They are mod so you can adjust how you want, however, i made 2 variants of each, one works with M/M, while the other with M/F the best.
Bloody tattoos also included, transferable so you can send to your posing partner.

Another thing: Will not be available for about a week, becouse just go on holiday, to UK, woooot! So excited. See you!