About Me

Hi, I'm Titzuki Yuitza.


I made this blog for my own amusement but if you enjoying the time while you reading it or looking at the pictures im more happy. I don't consider myself as a fashion blogger, I make pictures of some looks/moods when i have time (which is more and more rare nowadays) Becouse im not an official blogger im not pressured to show always the items what everyone else blogs about, my posts show my personal taste so you might find parts in the outfits what aren't available anymore, sorry about that. (or not so, MUHAHAH)
I meant to have this blog to also post about my new releases, if you scrolled through it you can see that i fail at that quite well, somehow my blog never comes in mind when i release something (i try to work on it in the future) However, you can find some infos about some of my items in the FAQ section!
When i feel like it i also write about my personal stuff, whats in my mind,where do i go what do i do, what is my opinion about the world in general, and all.

If you want to contact me IM me inworld or write to me on facebook or flickr.