Friday, 25 December 2015

Without You I'm Nothing

Happy holidays everyone!! May our last days of 2015 be filled with love and happiness, not greed! Unfortunately i cannot see my family this year, but i think -despite that i miss them so much, and skype is great but not the same- it's not a big sacrifice. Because i can be with the one who is the most important for me, who is my family. So, i couldn't be happier right now!
We just spending our first christmas together and i enjoy every moment of it, this is my best year ever!! (I love you so much and i hope that after reading this you come to me, eheheh)
Of course, i dedicate this blogpost to my one and only again. We met now almost one year ago and Jack wanted a post inspired by our first one so much, he couldnt wait until the actual date :D
I cannot beleive that this much time passed and my life totally changed in less then a year. At this time a year ago i was in a quite dark state, i was confused, hopeless and was feeling used. In february, a sparkle came in my life. Back then i couldn't have imagined that we will get so far together in such a short time. I always felt somehow that he is special (even before we first talked) but i could have never thought that i will go crazy for someone ever. Only after 3 months of knowing him i decided i want to live my whole life with him and i left everything behind. And i don't regret for a second!
Finally i found warmth, peace, adoration in my heart. I'm finally at home.

I love you.