Thursday, 16 July 2015


I always forget to post my creations even though I started my blog to show them somewhere... So the other week I made this photo shoot with 2 ladies, I made many items for it. I just released the latest yesterday: It's a ribbon that forces your avatar's arm behind, there are 2 levels for the arms pose and this is my first item I made with a HUD (other than Slink huds, which is ready made, basically) so im very proud of it. Also I got deeper in scripting to make my idea real with the 2 types of arms pose. I thank for a very nice gentleman for helping me with this script and figuring out how to do even.

There are 2 versions of color HUD, as shown above

Also i made this dirty body, which is also compatible with TMP body and head too, however if you have TMP head you have to deal with a bit less dirt on the face due to the mapping. The face also comes with 2 eyeshadow options and without.

Also, despite of i didn't make it but my love, Jack, just under my store name, let me introduce to you these gorgeus bruises and wounds. Yeah the boy is crazy. Of course, its also compatible with TMP head and default avatar and comes in 3 different shades each. You can buy the eye and nose part separately.

You can find everything on MP

Or check out our new store which we have together for my brand and Jack's new brand BOYS TO THE BONE


Monday, 13 July 2015

If you wanna ride...

Don't ride the white horse

Nor the white pony - don't settle for less than a wild stallion at least! Muhahah.
This photoshoot happened almost accidentally the other day - We were both wearing the same amaziiing shoes and black clothes (90% of the time), I already looked like a doctor, Silky a farmer, soooo Jack, its time to chose a profession! I said be a cop or something, but nah, he doesn't like, he will be a horse instead! Okay than, I got very inspired, let's do it! We spend too much time in the stable, baby! :D

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Is the helicopter a machine of pleasure?

Inappropriate title again - or may it seem. Truth is I heard this song from the penis band for the first time when I started to edit these photos, no wonder it got my attention, perfectly fits the mood. Listen to that, it might evne make you think a bit.
So, the other week, Ms Malena Von Dash (whose work and ideas I really adore) found me with an exciting idea of a photoshoot, no wonder I got onto it right away and started to make things for it asap. It took about a whole week but I can say totally worth it, im very satisfied with the pictures, hope you will like too!
I made all these poses for this shoot, you might find them soon in my shop (amongst with the other never released poses). Also I made this body dirt, you can already found in my shop HERE.
I also felt the urge to do a bit of meshing and make this tie-up ribbon, you can find it in my shop after I figure out scripting (which I have no idea of!)
I was lucky enough to peek into the making of these nipple tassel Malena wearing, you might find it in her shop soon!