Thursday, 12 February 2015


I was listening to his song (and another, but thats a secret shh) all day long while working on this pic... Listen too :D By the way, its a hungarian band which just got to be my new favourite today...
Hungarian mainstream music is a huge crap. But i guess its the same everywhere... Well, its not one of the mainstream. I liked some hungarian bands before but always good to find new ones :D
Oh and thanks Jack for being my model, this post would be so dull without you! ;D
Check out his blog, its pure awesomeness:

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Boy Who Ran Away

Been through an interesting week, finally i decided to quit my job and told my boss go fuck himself for everything he didn't. Lately i wanted to throw up even about the thought of going in the "office"...
So, im back in the market, hope i can find a good part-time job soon, im not too worried tho.
One of my best friend's had her birthday just the day when i quitted so it was double celebrate. We went ice-skating which was one of my biggest fears (pathetic i know :D). I decided i will face and defeat them all, this one check, only my knees arent happy about it :D (I shouldnt go there drunk)
Finally i also started to make many things, you might see the result soon.
There s so much ahead, now i dont want to tell more, so bye!