Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fall Over

So, I'm busy having RL fun and working a lot nowadays and also have to take care about a sick baby but there is some time when it comes to blog an outfit I like. Yeah I love the movie Edward Scissorhand but don't ask me how the idea came now, these always just pop up with coincidences (I just got this new hair from kokolores and this amazing shirt from Seul -at MOM, check out!- do I need to say more? :D) I loved making this photoshoot, as I love contrast in general (of which this film has a lot!), I tried to catch that feeling and i think I kinda succeed so this photoshoot was so fun! (Not to mention the excitement of trespassing in someone's house the minute after they leave, not knowing if they come back or not, so have to be quick 8D - sorry not sorry i fell in love with that window)

Ps. For my Kim, Jack <3

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hey Sexy

It's been a while when I last made a blogpost, moreover with my baby, I missed it so much! <3 Please make me your prop more often! Not that I have so much free time nowadays -working on many future releases- but I wanted to blog some amazing items from my friends for so long! First of all, Jack made these amazing sweaters, I can tell I'm very proud of him he is a very good student of mine :P Come to our shop and try it on, you won't be disappointed! Also, hurry to TMD to get these cool pants from Seul, you can wear it with and without shirts and trousers too! It's essential if you want to look badass! Last but not least be sure to check out these tattoos by se//mi, they make extraordinary geometric tattoos you couldn't see in SL before. I'm in love! You can find them on MP and the IDK event! Click 'see more' for links!