Friday, 25 December 2015

Without You I'm Nothing

Happy holidays everyone!! May our last days of 2015 be filled with love and happiness, not greed! Unfortunately i cannot see my family this year, but i think -despite that i miss them so much, and skype is great but not the same- it's not a big sacrifice. Because i can be with the one who is the most important for me, who is my family. So, i couldn't be happier right now!
We just spending our first christmas together and i enjoy every moment of it, this is my best year ever!! (I love you so much and i hope that after reading this you come to me, eheheh)
Of course, i dedicate this blogpost to my one and only again. We met now almost one year ago and Jack wanted a post inspired by our first one so much, he couldnt wait until the actual date :D
I cannot beleive that this much time passed and my life totally changed in less then a year. At this time a year ago i was in a quite dark state, i was confused, hopeless and was feeling used. In february, a sparkle came in my life. Back then i couldn't have imagined that we will get so far together in such a short time. I always felt somehow that he is special (even before we first talked) but i could have never thought that i will go crazy for someone ever. Only after 3 months of knowing him i decided i want to live my whole life with him and i left everything behind. And i don't regret for a second!
Finally i found warmth, peace, adoration in my heart. I'm finally at home.

I love you.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Monsters Among Us

I dedicate this post again to the subject of our rotten, consumer society where people forgot that life is about loving others and using objects, not the other way. Buy stuff you think you really need (or wish for) because you cannot get out of this machine unless you chose to run away and build a hobo life creating everything for your own self. But don't let material consume you.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Silver and Cold

Hey there, it's been a long time! I'm ready for winter! Not that it means anything good, since every year i die a little at this time. I'm even more afraid now that being here on the cold North, i told Jack give me a blanket and wake me up in march... Whatever, i will try to hold on but if can't, i'm sure my baby will be here to warm me up :)
It's very busy times with creating and i feel a bit out of the order with blogging so will be very rare nowadays. I will try to keep up with making posts about my creations (that was the original purpose of this blog but laziness always wins in the end!)
Jack made a very cute velvet top for this cold season, check it out! It comes in default layer, TMP and Omega appliers! 8 beautiful colors! HERE
Also, if you want this amazing hands tattoo and cool boots check out the new Sanarae round! Hurry because many stuff are limited there -like this tattoo- will not be sold after the event!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Touch Me

Hey it's been a long time! I've been through a very busy month (months?) i didn't have time to blog at all. Was on a hype for creating but was enough for a while, im on a break until december now! So i can concentrate more on real life and my Jack, and blogging when i feel like it...
This dress im wearing is made by my love for Gen-Neutral, go check it out, you surely wont regret! I'm so proud of him learning so fast and leveling up with every new creation. (I remember well when you made that simple little bindi, dear, like if it was yesterday :D It was about 3 months ago) For me it took more than a year to just even understand the world of 3D so he's way better than me already. Can't wait to see all his ideas come alive.
Okay enough about Jack now, i would like to say many thanks to Konkei who was very kind to rezz me this building - I was searching for something like this everywhere but i knew i could use only his creation. -Thanks for your help!- He makes amazing modern buildings and whole cities, check his store HERE.
I also have to mention this bag i found, i love it! It's something different and edgy just how i like it... and its just 50 so dont hesitate to buy it if you going for an unique look! Find it here.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

In The Air Tonight

This post will not be about SL so just scroll to the pictures if you not interested. What is happening now in our world worries me. And it's getting worse quicker and quicker year by year. When I was a child i couldn't think about anything else bad then the end of the world in 2012 -i was reading Mayan prophecies when i was 7 so actually i grew up with the thought we all gonna die from a planet and thats all- maybe the world really ended 3 years ago and what is happening now is worse than dying. Some people sit on our head and rule the world with hatred and money and always pick an area for themselves to destroy and "save". Doing it turning us against each other, blindfolding us not to know who our real enemy is... A few years ago i couldn't think it can happen anywhere in the "good democratic world". This May, when i left Hungary, i couldn't think it will happen very soon in my mother-country however i knew for long time that those fuckers who sitting in the parliament selling out our home to other more wealthy fuckers who doesn't know any other god but money. My nation is dying. And so is yours just you cannot see the signs yet. It would be time to forget about skin color, place of birth, religion and stick together to go against the real evil, that 1% who wants all this shit happen what happening now. Because not these dictators will ruin our world with their actions but we cos we let them do their shit. It's time to forget about "somebody else will protect me" or "save me", that's a lie, that will be a fake saviour. Only you can save yourself. Majority of the civilized, comfortable people doesn't know that or don't want to accept and that's why we are in deep shit. We've been told being looked after and being 'protected' which is not quite right yet. Believe me when it will happen you will wish it never did.
I've been quite down in the past few days because all this shit is getting to be real. They say not to worry about things that didn't happen yet but why is it better to stick my head in the ground instead of thinking about change? It's worse. My country is getting to be full of immigrants who been tricked by these people who sent them there as a puppet and soon they will realize it too and go against everybody. I'm worried about my home, my family, my friends. I hate humankind and often think i don't want to live on this planet anymore but then i have to keep going and distract myself cos i dont know anything anymore. The lines between good and bad been blurred. Brainwashed people convince the others of their right. I don't know in which group i'm in. Think about it for a second and you realize you don't know either. Thank you for reading this far. If you didn't yet, please start to think about defending yourself because noone else will if you don't.
Now i get back to distract myself and ask Jack to watch a cartoon maybe so i can get in the dreamworld for a while before falling back in the cruel reality.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fall Over

So, I'm busy having RL fun and working a lot nowadays and also have to take care about a sick baby but there is some time when it comes to blog an outfit I like. Yeah I love the movie Edward Scissorhand but don't ask me how the idea came now, these always just pop up with coincidences (I just got this new hair from kokolores and this amazing shirt from Seul -at MOM, check out!- do I need to say more? :D) I loved making this photoshoot, as I love contrast in general (of which this film has a lot!), I tried to catch that feeling and i think I kinda succeed so this photoshoot was so fun! (Not to mention the excitement of trespassing in someone's house the minute after they leave, not knowing if they come back or not, so have to be quick 8D - sorry not sorry i fell in love with that window)

Ps. For my Kim, Jack <3

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hey Sexy

It's been a while when I last made a blogpost, moreover with my baby, I missed it so much! <3 Please make me your prop more often! Not that I have so much free time nowadays -working on many future releases- but I wanted to blog some amazing items from my friends for so long! First of all, Jack made these amazing sweaters, I can tell I'm very proud of him he is a very good student of mine :P Come to our shop and try it on, you won't be disappointed! Also, hurry to TMD to get these cool pants from Seul, you can wear it with and without shirts and trousers too! It's essential if you want to look badass! Last but not least be sure to check out these tattoos by se//mi, they make extraordinary geometric tattoos you couldn't see in SL before. I'm in love! You can find them on MP and the IDK event! Click 'see more' for links!

Thursday, 16 July 2015


I always forget to post my creations even though I started my blog to show them somewhere... So the other week I made this photo shoot with 2 ladies, I made many items for it. I just released the latest yesterday: It's a ribbon that forces your avatar's arm behind, there are 2 levels for the arms pose and this is my first item I made with a HUD (other than Slink huds, which is ready made, basically) so im very proud of it. Also I got deeper in scripting to make my idea real with the 2 types of arms pose. I thank for a very nice gentleman for helping me with this script and figuring out how to do even.

There are 2 versions of color HUD, as shown above

Also i made this dirty body, which is also compatible with TMP body and head too, however if you have TMP head you have to deal with a bit less dirt on the face due to the mapping. The face also comes with 2 eyeshadow options and without.

Also, despite of i didn't make it but my love, Jack, just under my store name, let me introduce to you these gorgeus bruises and wounds. Yeah the boy is crazy. Of course, its also compatible with TMP head and default avatar and comes in 3 different shades each. You can buy the eye and nose part separately.

You can find everything on MP

Or check out our new store which we have together for my brand and Jack's new brand BOYS TO THE BONE


Monday, 13 July 2015

If you wanna ride...

Don't ride the white horse

Nor the white pony - don't settle for less than a wild stallion at least! Muhahah.
This photoshoot happened almost accidentally the other day - We were both wearing the same amaziiing shoes and black clothes (90% of the time), I already looked like a doctor, Silky a farmer, soooo Jack, its time to chose a profession! I said be a cop or something, but nah, he doesn't like, he will be a horse instead! Okay than, I got very inspired, let's do it! We spend too much time in the stable, baby! :D

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Is the helicopter a machine of pleasure?

Inappropriate title again - or may it seem. Truth is I heard this song from the penis band for the first time when I started to edit these photos, no wonder it got my attention, perfectly fits the mood. Listen to that, it might evne make you think a bit.
So, the other week, Ms Malena Von Dash (whose work and ideas I really adore) found me with an exciting idea of a photoshoot, no wonder I got onto it right away and started to make things for it asap. It took about a whole week but I can say totally worth it, im very satisfied with the pictures, hope you will like too!
I made all these poses for this shoot, you might find them soon in my shop (amongst with the other never released poses). Also I made this body dirt, you can already found in my shop HERE.
I also felt the urge to do a bit of meshing and make this tie-up ribbon, you can find it in my shop after I figure out scripting (which I have no idea of!)
I was lucky enough to peek into the making of these nipple tassel Malena wearing, you might find it in her shop soon!


Sunday, 21 June 2015


Been working on this post for about 4 days but of course not because its been so much work just... First life happens :D Had an amazing week, always other things to do, we even were at Liseberg amusement park!!! Wooooot, by the end of the day i was dead from headache and nausea but totally worth it for sure :D
To be honest, i had this idea in my mind for months now, just never made it in the end... But CX and DRD sales all happened for the same time so... there s no excuse not to make it in the end :D
Yes, actually this is a lyrics, watch the video and listen to the song, its awesome :D
See ya!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dead Star

Hi! Nowadays im forced to make more posts so here is the next one (Ok i was lying, i just love to see my love's face when he is happy about a new idea i made so im trying to be a busy bee 8D)
No thoughts i want to share now so just let me just praise this awesome goggles by Nefarious Inventions, this is the most amazing i ever seen in SL!! I'm not gonna take it off anymore. You can find it at the IDK event. Now i dont write more becouse im tired, see you :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Wasn't in the best mood yesterday i don't know why, so when else would be the time to be cheesy? I like to cheer myself up by doing stupid things. I promised my dear that i will make post with this sweater if he buys for me so... Here it is, i hope you like 8D Also thank you Silky for the bag, this idiot song and all the concept wouldnt come to my mind wihout it.

Ps.: Actually, this is the most hated song of my childhood. This version is awesome tho!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Second Lives

Wow its been almost 3 months i blogged the last time... The past few months were quite chaotic, many good and bad, no surprise this was the least thing in my mind :) Now it might really sound like i always make excuses not to blog, this time i had a very good one at least! So, after many years finally i arrived to a big change in my life, a very good change... I met this guy, Jack a while ago who i instantly fell in love with... Wow, now i just realized that its almost a month ago that i decided to leave everything behind to be with him - yes, its true, sometimes neither i can beleive and when i lay down next to him at night i wonder if im dreaming... Leaving my family and friends in Hungary wasnt easy at all but i must say totally worth it, finally im at home. Many asked me if im crazy or what? Might be, but i don't think any would have made it different if was in my situation... You love somebody and you are sure you want to live your life with them, how courageous you have to be to just get on the path and make your dream come true? I can just say, if you desire for something, something you are certain about, if you have the chance, don't hesitate, just go for it before the oppurtinity slips out of your hands... Moreover in this world nowadays, everything seems calm and nice but we can never know if the next day we wake up that shit the fan, so... Enjoy your life and make the most out of it as long as you can.