Sunday, 21 June 2015


Been working on this post for about 4 days but of course not because its been so much work just... First life happens :D Had an amazing week, always other things to do, we even were at Liseberg amusement park!!! Wooooot, by the end of the day i was dead from headache and nausea but totally worth it for sure :D
To be honest, i had this idea in my mind for months now, just never made it in the end... But CX and DRD sales all happened for the same time so... there s no excuse not to make it in the end :D
Yes, actually this is a lyrics, watch the video and listen to the song, its awesome :D
See ya!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dead Star

Hi! Nowadays im forced to make more posts so here is the next one (Ok i was lying, i just love to see my love's face when he is happy about a new idea i made so im trying to be a busy bee 8D)
No thoughts i want to share now so just let me just praise this awesome goggles by Nefarious Inventions, this is the most amazing i ever seen in SL!! I'm not gonna take it off anymore. You can find it at the IDK event. Now i dont write more becouse im tired, see you :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Wasn't in the best mood yesterday i don't know why, so when else would be the time to be cheesy? I like to cheer myself up by doing stupid things. I promised my dear that i will make post with this sweater if he buys for me so... Here it is, i hope you like 8D Also thank you Silky for the bag, this idiot song and all the concept wouldnt come to my mind wihout it.

Ps.: Actually, this is the most hated song of my childhood. This version is awesome tho!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Second Lives

Wow its been almost 3 months i blogged the last time... The past few months were quite chaotic, many good and bad, no surprise this was the least thing in my mind :) Now it might really sound like i always make excuses not to blog, this time i had a very good one at least! So, after many years finally i arrived to a big change in my life, a very good change... I met this guy, Jack a while ago who i instantly fell in love with... Wow, now i just realized that its almost a month ago that i decided to leave everything behind to be with him - yes, its true, sometimes neither i can beleive and when i lay down next to him at night i wonder if im dreaming... Leaving my family and friends in Hungary wasnt easy at all but i must say totally worth it, finally im at home. Many asked me if im crazy or what? Might be, but i don't think any would have made it different if was in my situation... You love somebody and you are sure you want to live your life with them, how courageous you have to be to just get on the path and make your dream come true? I can just say, if you desire for something, something you are certain about, if you have the chance, don't hesitate, just go for it before the oppurtinity slips out of your hands... Moreover in this world nowadays, everything seems calm and nice but we can never know if the next day we wake up that shit the fan, so... Enjoy your life and make the most out of it as long as you can.