Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Lost Mine Hunt

Today it will be a special post about The Lost Mine Hunt i went through a few days ago. Its not the usual "collect-the-item-and-grab-the-prize" hunt its more for people who like adventure better than just getting stuff for free or low price.
The hunt is made by the event planner company MadPea, they always make extraordinary events, based on horror, steampunk or fantasy in general, and the list goes on.
The hunt is based on a story, like the hidden object puzzle games, if you are fond of those you must try this hunt!


For the story base and instructions click the picture:

The hunt is built of 3 stages, my favourite part was the last one of course where i had to find out puzzle games. It took me time to find out how do i get out of the room but whenever i solved the puzzle it was a little celebration each time :D That would be more fantastic if they put even more puzzle games in their future hunts, its fascinating if your brain have to work while you having fun. And if you are a person who likes this kind of hunts you would be happy, no? :)
The destinations were also amazing i wanted to make more pictures but somehow forgot, just came into my mind when i got into the 3rd stage. Too bad something happened to my video card so SL reduced itself for low resolution :( I guess i shouldnt make 3000 X 4xxx pics all the time? :D

I will not tell more about the hunt now becouse you have to find out for yourself, i dont want to spoil:) Later you will see posts with the amazing prizes i got there.

NOTE: The hunt ends on the 30th April, so hurry up if you want to play! It takes about 2 hours and 150 L$ which is really worth it! If you want you can also buy clue finders for another 150 which is also good if you are impatient (finding the objects sometimes can take long!)


Skin: titzuki : Andrei skin pale / brows
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Gen Hair (black)


Sweater: LEVENCHY - Noir Sweater Demo/Gift (free! no demo signs!)
Jeans: *Cashmere and Keane* - Porter Jeans (black) (75L$ sale there now, until May 15!)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men's Combat Boots - Brown


Goggles: Madpea - Steam Punk Goggles (Items can be found on the sim)
Bag: Madpea/Dwarfins - Lost Mine Collection Bag (necessary to be able to play the hunt!)
Little pea buddy: Madpea - Pea Clue Finder Male

Warning! Spoiler pictures after this! If you dont want to know what places you can go and what will you do in this hunt, dont look from now!

Monday, 14 April 2014

This Day

Feeling fucked up for no(?) reason lately. Happens sometimes.
Here are some happy pictures for you instead.

100 and under sale for girls

Im having a sale now since a few weeks just i was too lazy to post about it... Also somehow i forgot it :D I'm having this sale for a while (until new things arrive) After that many items will disappear so be sure to grab the ones you like.


All women's clothes and skins are 100 and under. Except skin fatpacks. You can find only fatpacks of my skin in inworld store for 500. You can buy one by one on MP, but not all versions.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Valar Morghulis


After a long break i think im back again. I was moving in RL and it was stressful and busy. I'm still not ready with packing, muhahah. I didnt know that we have this much stuff. Sooo, a new april has come which means a new Game of Thrones season. I wasnt so satisfied with season 3 so i just watched the last episode this weekend and still didnt watch the first of the new season but will check it out :D You can guess, after reading the books the series can get boring.
A new fair also came to SL, called 'The Secret Affair' you can find many GoT themed stuff there. I didnt plan to impersonate anybody from the series but after i saw so many 'Khaleesis' and 'Mothers of dragons' i knew i have to break the monotony with another character. I dont know if the many women dressed up like that becouse Daenerys is their favourite character or they just could buy things at that fair about her (seriously, there were rarely items at that fair what arent about her, shame!) Of course i can also understand if she is your fav character, sexy, blonde, strong, one of the characters who went through the biggest evolution, but come on guys, dont be surprised if the 'Khaleesi' theme gets boring for me :D Its my personal opinion, others can bath in as many Daenerys as they want.
So, here im impersonating my Nr.1 favourite character Arya. Sadly, if you saw only the series you arent able to know her well, many things she went through cannot recorded by camera. I like her character the most becouse in my opinion its the deepest of all. She is alone a lot so we dont hear her conversations but her thoughts. Through her struggles she goes as deep as a rat and after rises with a lot of anger pain in her heart. Also, she kinda reminds me when i was a child.
I know nobody will answer this but who is your most favourite character and why?

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