Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New 10L$ item

From now, i will not be giving out dollarbies for 1L$, but 10L$. Sorry to say, but im tired of freebie hunters who just pick up everything becouse its cheap or free and go next... maybe you will consider if this item worth the price and respect my work, not complaining about blabla why it doesnt have ass applier and such... its free, dont complain! I will make more appliers when i will be able to... So more will come, hopefully.

Here it comes, hope you like it :D

Buy: MP, Inworld


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Take It Away

Hi again! This post i made with Abel, you will see more post with him from now (i hope so?)
We were at a very good exhibit where go these awesome accessories and poses. It was such an awesome place both we had to invite our friends there :D I knew from the start that in the end i will make this post with him, not like he was knowing by then what are we doing there and from where i get those poses :D
After a great week start i had my most awful vacation ever :( I just write it as a reminder for myself to never forget that there are a LOT of retard assholes everywhere and humankind is really deserved to disappear already. Now im out :D

Friday, 4 July 2014

Rag and Bone

Well can't you hear we're selling rag and bone?
Bring out your junk and we'll give it a home
A broken trumpet or a telephone
Come on, come on, come on, come on and give it to me

The other day i was just wandering around thinking what to wear when suddenly i found a nice shop with many unique clothes. It's  called Shushu, take a look at it if you like this style :D There were many wearable demos as groupgifts, this outfit was one of them. Love it! When finally i could get my outfit together i knew the perfect place will be my friend, Dorian's place, becouse i love that since he showed me. Too bad it just disappeared today :( (Tell your bf you dont need that fancy big house and change back to the attic, man!)
By the way, its amazing how my favourite band White Stripes has a song i can relate to anything :D This song always was one of my favourites from them, listen to it now! Listen to the whole album Icky thump, thats the album i like the most from them. Raw, rumbling blues, a true masterpiece!(And bless Jack White!)