Friday, 4 July 2014

Rag and Bone

Well can't you hear we're selling rag and bone?
Bring out your junk and we'll give it a home
A broken trumpet or a telephone
Come on, come on, come on, come on and give it to me

The other day i was just wandering around thinking what to wear when suddenly i found a nice shop with many unique clothes. It's  called Shushu, take a look at it if you like this style :D There were many wearable demos as groupgifts, this outfit was one of them. Love it! When finally i could get my outfit together i knew the perfect place will be my friend, Dorian's place, becouse i love that since he showed me. Too bad it just disappeared today :( (Tell your bf you dont need that fancy big house and change back to the attic, man!)
By the way, its amazing how my favourite band White Stripes has a song i can relate to anything :D This song always was one of my favourites from them, listen to it now! Listen to the whole album Icky thump, thats the album i like the most from them. Raw, rumbling blues, a true masterpiece!(And bless Jack White!)


Skin: titzuki - Mimi / pale (i made it only for myself, sorry)
Hair: MOON{Hair}. - Tied to Me - ALL (July Ggift; group fee 99L$)


Full outfit (Dress, shirt, boots and necklace):
ShuShu - ROARING TWENTIEs outift special - mesh (Ggift; by Shushu Congrejo)


Hat: IAF - Black Floppy Hat (Only 40 L$!)
Nose chain: Lyndy in Chains -  Gold and silver nose chain w cross earring (only 5L$! by Lyndydia)
Collar tattoo: .e.g. Lace Neck Tattoo (only 30L$ by Elizabeth Gaelyth)


Globe: AleyMart! - Old World Terrestrial Globe (free! by Aley Resident)
Ship in bottle: AleyMart! - Pirate Furnature Ship in a Bottle (free! by Aley Resident)

Thanks my friend, Dorian to allow me anytime to go to your (now) former house, finally i could make some pics i always wanted. Right in time.

No video put here now this stupid blogger cannot find it :( So you can find it HERE


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