Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Late Night

This took me only 3 days to edit  but i rather was distracted, fight me! Featuring Seung-ji Park and some shameless self-promotion.
When i finished making this backdrop i knew right away  i wanted to make a blogpost with him. Thanks dude for being up for it,
I think it turned out great, just how i imagined!
Now forward to my annual blogpost, check out the goodies:

on Seung-Ji
 Hair : .: fiore :. RHEA Hair
 Mask : `RONOMONO / School look s/s M.mask 1
Jacket : `M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Jacket on shoulder5
Sweater : BTTB hemma gacha - 3 baggy sweater
Belt : FAKEICON / vason belt
Pants : Semller -  Tourist Gacha Rare
Socks : FAKEICON / basal socks / belleza jake

on Titzuki
Hair: RAMA.SALON - Bella Hair
Safety pin earring: HAUNTEDCASTLE / Luwanie set
Choker: (Yummy) DIY Punk Choker - Silver
Sunglasses: *agp* Johnny Sunglasses
Sweater: BTTB hemma gacha - 1 baggy sweater
Pants & belt: FAKEICON / vason
Coat: AMITOMO / handmade GACHA / RARE
Shoes: {Livalle} Cambridge - Oxford Creepers
Socks: FAKEICON / basal socks

Street: FAKEICON / shopping district / LIS backdrop
Street lamp: +SOMALI+ - [20]SIGNAL1
Car: {LOVER2} - Muscle Car

Poses by RKposes