Thursday, 22 January 2015

I fink u freeky and I like you a lot

"To my sexy boys, and my fancy boys,
And my playboys, and my bad boys,
And my pretty boys, and my ugly boys,
And my naughty boys,
We gonna have a nice time kids"

Ok, girls welcome too, this could be a nice valentine's postcard for y'all. Welcome!
I hopped on that creative wagon again to make another unoriginal piece sometimes i feel i have to. Yes you can see i was very inspired by Die Antwoord's album cover called Ten$ion, which if you dont know yet really should listen it will be an interesting experience.
Started with a crown i wanted to blog, now the pic has everything but that crown, next time maybe... I dont know why i headed to the male yo-landi instead but i think i like the result so far, took sooo much time... When i imagine something i can get so far that i make the things for myself that i cant find or too lazy to find, sometimes its easier... So if you want a pic with the same pose or the exact bloody heart, just give me a shout!


Hair: MOON{Hair}. The Fix - Greyscales
Eyes: JM2 ~ [Black] Demon eyes (by Jhean Adamski)
Teeth: *The Collective* SHARK Tru Mesh Teeth (by FuLingYu)
Bloody lips: -SU!- Bloody Mouth (by Eleanor Cyberstar)
Bloody hands: Clemmm - Bloody Hands

Heart: T-3D Creation [ Human Heart ] MESH - Full Perm - (texture heavily edited)

Eyeshadow+pose made by me


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