Monday, 12 January 2015

Run Far

'Haha! Zip it, zip it, zip it
God damn this wicked jungle'

Just a quick post since its so late :D
Title is from a song from my newest artist called Elliphant, check out her songs, awesome! I just found out 2 days ago that i want to go to her concert even if its in a neighbour country and bit far, will worth it im sure... Moreover that we will spend the 'night' stuffed in the car like i used to do with my bros when visiting one of them in UK and got into some mischief... I think we gonna die again, so look forward to it.

Click 'read more' for credits!


Skin: titzuki : Andrei skin snow / custom
Hair: little bones. Ce Soir - B&W


Shirt: Wonton: Ribbed Cotton Longsleeve / Blak
Vest: beggars. by jack - NOT YOURS denim vest
Pants: [R3] - Brandon Jeans [V2]
Shoes: [FL]Adidas Court Attitude Grey/White


Shades: * S O R G O - TETSUO Shades / DARK
Backpack: [BUC] "Unicorn" Outcast Backpack (@Chapter4)
Skateboard: [BUC] "Oh Shit" Sail Longboard (@OMGacha)


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