Friday, 9 January 2015



happy new year and all! Yeah been on a hiatus for a while, didnt feel like blogging lately... Also, got a new work which i might leave soon, woot! :D Whatever, life is a constant line of changes all the time, this is something we all have to deal with. I always find it scary but when happens im also surprised how easily i can get used to changes and barriers so we will see - i have some plans for this year i ll have to do, there are so many i wouldnt tell now.
Lately i feel like balancing on two edges, always inspired and careless, cheer and stoic...and extermely restless. Maybe it s becouse of my life or becouse of what i do to myself lately. Whatever. This year will be for creating my art, maybe this post is a good start however i will focus a lot on RL work becouse i just got a new challenge - i got a tattoo machine from my bro for christmas which i would never think of but i definately love it! Had the thought before to become a tattoo artist just didnt know back than... how to start? Like this, i guess, so i will design many tattoos these days, i had a plan of making tattoos for my av anyway...
Gbye 2014, let that 2015 begin!

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Skin: titzuki : Andrei skin snow / custom
Hairbase: *booN gathered raised hairbase all colors pack


Shawl: C L A Vv. Leather Shawl Black
Shirt: Wonton: Ribbed Cotton Longsleeve / Blak
Jacket: Wonton: Military Zip Parka / Blak
Pants: Wonton: St.Laurent Distressed Denim -Blak-
Shoes: Bleich - Mesh Dioon Black

Poses by Del May

New chill:

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