Tuesday, 1 September 2015

In The Air Tonight

This post will not be about SL so just scroll to the pictures if you not interested. What is happening now in our world worries me. And it's getting worse quicker and quicker year by year. When I was a child i couldn't think about anything else bad then the end of the world in 2012 -i was reading Mayan prophecies when i was 7 so actually i grew up with the thought we all gonna die from a planet and thats all- maybe the world really ended 3 years ago and what is happening now is worse than dying. Some people sit on our head and rule the world with hatred and money and always pick an area for themselves to destroy and "save". Doing it turning us against each other, blindfolding us not to know who our real enemy is... A few years ago i couldn't think it can happen anywhere in the "good democratic world". This May, when i left Hungary, i couldn't think it will happen very soon in my mother-country however i knew for long time that those fuckers who sitting in the parliament selling out our home to other more wealthy fuckers who doesn't know any other god but money. My nation is dying. And so is yours just you cannot see the signs yet. It would be time to forget about skin color, place of birth, religion and stick together to go against the real evil, that 1% who wants all this shit happen what happening now. Because not these dictators will ruin our world with their actions but we cos we let them do their shit. It's time to forget about "somebody else will protect me" or "save me", that's a lie, that will be a fake saviour. Only you can save yourself. Majority of the civilized, comfortable people doesn't know that or don't want to accept and that's why we are in deep shit. We've been told being looked after and being 'protected' which is not quite right yet. Believe me when it will happen you will wish it never did.
I've been quite down in the past few days because all this shit is getting to be real. They say not to worry about things that didn't happen yet but why is it better to stick my head in the ground instead of thinking about change? It's worse. My country is getting to be full of immigrants who been tricked by these people who sent them there as a puppet and soon they will realize it too and go against everybody. I'm worried about my home, my family, my friends. I hate humankind and often think i don't want to live on this planet anymore but then i have to keep going and distract myself cos i dont know anything anymore. The lines between good and bad been blurred. Brainwashed people convince the others of their right. I don't know in which group i'm in. Think about it for a second and you realize you don't know either. Thank you for reading this far. If you didn't yet, please start to think about defending yourself because noone else will if you don't.
Now i get back to distract myself and ask Jack to watch a cartoon maybe so i can get in the dreamworld for a while before falling back in the cruel reality.

Hair: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Luma. @Shiny Shabby
Pants: 9::GB:: Heavenly warrior pants / Gray (gacha)
Shoes: [The Forge] Strider Plus (Texture HUD), (Box) @uber
Piercing: [LEVEL] Bridge Studs - Silver MP
Mask: OLQINU : mask <fatpack with sneeze> [ ultra rare ] @Teens Town
Choker: ~Harajuku~ Colorful Tattoo Chokers (currently not available)
Collar: ALTAIR* kokoro collar .black.
Bag: 10,000 Yen satu bag /  Yellow ** MP

Poses: BOYS TO THE BONE - look down and model poses #2
Building: cinphul // Pluto


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