Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Disposable Teens

I think i can relate to the title, being so lazy and slow all the time... But i had a very busy and nice month, i couldnt care less about blogging :D However, i made these pics weeks ago, just... Editing sometimes...
Okay now, let me introduce to you a shop called beggars. by jack, from where i wear many items, i can say i love everything he makes and bought stuff waaaay before i got to be a blogger for him (am i what?? woooot!!) Check out all his awesome stuff at:



Now that i got kicked out from every blogger group i was once in, (not like i care) he is now my only sponsor but not a secret, he is also my everything and more (i hope you won't kick me out, dear :D)
I've been making this post for ages and finally can be done with it today, and what happens? He was inspired by MM today too, not even knowing about the other's plan, it's truly magical 8D <3
Now i stop bragging about him, becouse i will have plenty of time for that in the next X years... :)
Other thing: I just started a tumblr too, i think i will continue this one too, to write my idiot thoughts, but yeah, i look forward to that too, hope it wont be as lonely as blogger. Find it here: http://ttzk.tumblr.com/
And please follow me so i can follow you back!! See you! :)


Hair: . Liquence . - F3 in Grayscale
Eyes: .:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Eyeshadow
Lips: beggars. by jack - LIPS HALF TORN - black


Shirt: beggars. by jack - YEEZUS CROP
Jacket waist: beggars. by jack - HOOK UP waist jacket
Jeans: [Pumpkin] Classic jeans (gr)
Shoes: *CASHMERE&KEANE*Maison Sneakers/UNISEX(black)


Mask: .storybook. - Cult - Ritual (@Genre)
Gauges: [BU] *group gift* Black Ear Gauges
Crow: *May's Soul* The crow. Holy crow 1
Choker: *BOOM* Eternity Collar (titanium)
Hand tattoo: Soy. HAJICHI -KIKAISHIMA- Hand tattoo

Poses: by me and Del May
Location: Angel Manor


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