Saturday, 13 May 2017


It's that time of the year again. It doesn't but somehow still feels like if I got back on track with blogging again. Not though.
Have to show off some stuff that inspired me a lot lately. I never got so excited before when it came to subscription boxes -truly, most of the time it's a good business only for the provider of this service, not the designers nor the customers- but I heard about a new one, which contains only builds. Bought it for Jack and we were both very happy with it! It contained buildings/houses from 10(?) designers, all of them were very good quality and cute! It was 2000Ls before, now i think it's 3000 but that would be still only 300L for one house, it's a bargain. So go ahead and buy it, you won't regret!
Decocrate also had one good theme: minimalism! This was the first time that i felt the urge that we need to buy it and i regret nothing, all the stores made awesome items. I hope they will put aside the fantasy-cutesy bs more often and provide us something liveable and sleek like this round.
This outfit took me a lot to make because I had a hard time finding stuff to complete my refined-zen outfit with which I figured out the theme the moment I owned this overall and the clovers, truly inspiring! After wearing the overall I loved the color so much i had to tint everything that color, no im not obsessed :D
That's enough for now, just one thanks to Jerome Jhamal for the shoes, they look awesome! (I hope one day I can also have them in this beautiful nude color :D) Check out his inworld store that just opened with more goodies!
Last but not least ofc, I would like to mention this beautiful bag my love Jack Valentine made for this round of Kustom9. His creativity and playful talent always amazes me whenever I see him making a new release. This bag is one of my favorites not only because It's very high quality and versatile but he put his whole swedish heart in it. ♥
Ps: Sorry not sorry for the lot of babbling, it's spring or what.

Hair: little bones. Kym
Overall: Clef de Peau.Alvin Jumpsuit Ivory @ 6 Republic
Robe: Peqe - Jacket Vest
Choker: Maxi Gossamer -  Necklace - Trina Metal Bands (texture changed!)
Bracelet: 7;] Carabiner Choker - Lime - Silver
Shoes: BrotherHood - Sock Speed Trainer BLACK @ their mainstore
Socks: FAKEICON / basal socks (tinted)
Clovers on back: Tamagosenbei Clover Shoulders @Gacha Garden

House: Aethis Creations @ Builder's box
Garden: Ex Machina - Karesansui - Japanese Minimalist Garden @ Decocrate
Desk, plant, big chair: Di'Cor Simone Entry way set @ Decocrate
Desk clutter, desk chair: Sari-Sari Workspace @ Decocrate
Bag: Boys to the Bone - hej shoulder bag @ Kustom9

Poses by Del May

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