Tuesday, 25 April 2017

23rd Century Love

A few days ago i found out about this "mankini" my love is wearing in his picture, this theme came in my mind instantly. I remember he tried to make a Leeloo inspired outfit before too, but with the lack of items it was impossible. I'm glad that he could finally find something suitable even though it's not the same rubber suit with the holes that we both love (i only can wish that someday it will happen... and for males? dreams :'D ) but it's still an awesome and versatile piece.
I also had much fun creating this Corben outfit, geez, i didn't remember how well dressed he was also!
If you have no idea what am I talking about I strongly recommend you to watch the movie 'Fifth element' because it's a cult movie and a very cute and funny sci-fi love story and the fashion and visuals in it are extraordinary! The costume designer was Jean Paul Gaultier, do i need to say more?

Hair: Action Inkubator 3D Base [LELUTKA]
Cigarette: Daffy's Gadgetmania
Phone: :BAMSE: Brick Phone - Silver
Shirt: [rua modena] Ribbed Tank Top - Milk (tinted) 
Gun: Red Peppers Designs
Namecard holder: .Shi : Past group gift
Pants, boots: ::ZED:: MESH Full Combat Outfit - Black

Skybox: ~Isil~ Lunar Station Double Module (group gift!)
Pots: Soy. UTD - Stacked pots and 5. AF Copper Pan Set
~BAZAR~Retro fridge
(fd) Cat - 12 Curious
Rug: NEKKA - 1 prim sculpt carpet 13

Pose by Artis @ Pose Fair (upper body modified)
Couple pose by me

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