Sunday, 16 March 2014


I'm very much in a work again but didn't forget to post some goods here. I was on with Natasha the other day and found this nice jacket. The boots and cap(?) are from the same shop and both were groupgift! Don't forget to grab them! The leggings are made by me but not available at the moment. Maybe i release again after some fixes? If anybody needs...
When i put this outfit together i knew Nati would be very good as a 'race babe' so what comes next? Lets find flags and place... I had no problem with the place but flag? I found only a HUGE full perm on MP so i had to edit that a lot. I also made the skin with black lipstick only for her, sorry. I will make something similar in the future for the audience too, i promise.
About the band: Limp Bizkit is one of my favourite bands since i was 12. They were the first rock band whom i was addicted to. And they took a part of my english learning becouse i just started to learn by that time and couldnt understand much. So i read the lyrics in the CD's brochure, grabbed a dictionary and was trying to understand what the lyrics are about. If you aren't so good in english i advise you to read lyrics while listening to music, that's the most fun way of studying words and accent both!


Skin: titzuki - Mimi black / pale (not available for buy)
Hair: LoQ Hair - Gin (Former TDR)


Jacket: HighRize - Beverly Hills Jacket (
Leggings: titzuki - Panther leggings (not available)
Boots: HighRize - Miley Boot Gold (


Hat/Shader: HighRize - Boot Camp Tramp Visor (G.git)
Earrings: A|Beauparlant - Basic Hoop Earrings (Free!!)
Flag: It will be easier if you make your own


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