Wednesday, 12 March 2014



First of all, today i want to show you my latest favourite artist i found 2 days ago :D I just found that on 1th May she will have a concert in my city, I'm sure i go :D She's danish and just having a tour in Europe. I was very happy when i found she comes here too becouse usually i get to know bands always late :D ( The Cure, i got to like when i was a teenager and before that they were here twice in 3 years :/ Ok, i was 11 that time i doubt my parents would let me to a festival :D)
Ok here you can see one of my favourite song/video from her. Many are my favourite so i will post more later :D

About the pics: We made this with Miri a long ago and had fun with standing next to each other correctly :D I remember i also was in a hurry that day but it came out good. I also made a secret shot of Miri and its very good that it made her happy when i showed it. It was fun to work on it though, i love to retouch women faces. Ok i like retouching in general.
Enough talk, here come the things:

On Nati (right):


Skin: titzuki - Mimi natural / pale
Hair: [MAG] - LACEY [essentials 02]


Sweater: Ricielli - Boatneck Sweater /Homies (past store hunt)
Jeans: Ricielli - Highwaisted Leather Pants /lightblue (New Year Hunt)
Shoes: J.Allen - Street Style Sneakers (free!)


Beanie: SUPER KINGDOM - Mesh Beanie (free!)
Black ring: JCNY Collection - LOTUS Mood Ring (10L$)
Green ring: *Xia's Boutique* - Pearl ring (9L$)

On Miri:


MOON {Hair}. Paper Cuts - Ombre Blondes 


{amitomo}overlapped street shirts (brown)


.:villena:. - leggings black leather


:::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers [White]


::GB:: Curb chain Necklace

Check her blog HERE!


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