Monday, 3 March 2014

Busy times


Lately i didnt have nor time neither mood for posting here since these are very busy days for me lately. I just started to educate myself, you will see the result by time.
Now, let me introduce to you Natasha, my model avatar ( I make the shop ads with her all the time since a long ). I think she looks quite hot and nowadays i thought why not dress her up nicely and make outfits for the blog :D Now i have many pics of outfits so here i share the first with you. I took this a long time ago but just have the mood to post, apoligies.
Ohhh btw, im mingy with her so you will see many free and cheap (but not cheap looking!!) outfits on her :D Its more fun since there are so many good things for women for a little price out there.

This outfit i made when hipster fair was going, i know its a long time ago. So you cannot get this dress for free anymore i guess.


Hair: little bones. Bullfighter Jacket - Ink Pot
Hat: ::GB:: - Black hat (Thanks, Miri :))
Tattoo: Blood Ink Tattoos - You Won't Break Me
Purse: [POSH] - Book Purse (Jane Eyre)
Nails and ring: [ Love Soul ] - Prim nails+Ring*Jewel*Black


Dress: Sky - Floral dress (Hipster Fair Gift)
Leggings: COCO - FeatherSkirt(with-leggings)
Shoes: R.icielli - TESS Mesh Boots / Black


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