Monday, 24 February 2014


Bastian skin is here. After more than a week finally im done with all the uploading and what comes after it (setting permissions and putting in packages so on, so on). I wish there was somebody who did it instead of me becouse its a pain in the ass for me...

So what you get with this skin?
  • 1x skin with eyebrows 
  • 1x skin without eyebrows 
  • 1x brows on tattoo layer
  • 2x stubble on tattoo layer
  • 1x abdomen hair on tattoo layer 
  • 1x abdomen hair on underwear layers

I made the tattoo add-ons modify becouse those are color-changeable. Well, the brows are actually fully color-changeable, the stubbles and the abdomen hair only can be set lighter or darker. Why? People dye their brows but can you do it with stubble? Or with body hair? That wouldnt make sense :D

So, doesnt matter if you are blonde or turquise, you can match your look to the hair. Awesome, eh?

I made this skin becouse i was a bit fed up with the same faces - lets be honest, not so many original male skins are out there nowadays - and also that every skin is too muscular or which isnt, those arent very detailed. I thought to find the best solution for my problem is to make a skin by myself which meets my needs.

You can find it in 7 tones.

In the end, after about 5 months of work finally im happy with it and can say i cannot find a mistake on it (those who know me can tell that its very hard for me not to find them). I sure plan to make hand and feet applier for it in the future, just please be patient. Oh, and there will be facial hair available - from tomorrow, i hope - which you can buy separated as tattoo layer.

Top Secret: I'm already working on the next face also.

Enough talk, you can buy the demo HERE, or the actual version on MP or in my inworld shop:

Have a nice day!


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