Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Yaahhaaay my first outfit post!

I just checked my favourites on marketplace and i found a bike i favourited a long time ago. I didnt buy before becouse i was stingy with myself again (i do it all the time, than i just buy useless things).
Unfortunately the color i liked the most was already sold out but i found this color i like also. Those white wheels! I love them :D Now it was 99L$ only and you can have this color or pink. Hurry becouse there is limited quantity.


Shirt: Toro. - Troutchella shirt
Pants: Toro. - Black pants
Shoes: Duh! - Combat boots (black)


Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Bou (black)
Sunglasses: Reek - Park shades
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Eye of Neuse
Face tattoo: i made it
Bracelet: [I][I][M] - Studsbracelet
Piercings: -B- Basic piercings

Bike: [Emily Hearts] - Retro Bike - MD12 HERE

Oh, also check the place where i took the pics if you wish for a -really- peaceful and silent place where you can take photos or cuddle with your beloved. Its a nice pine forest by a lake  - HERE

(Also thanks Miri for the awesome funny night we spent on our bikes, "hunting".Here is a bonus pic of my favourite creature, just for you :D )


I couldnt put it on the main page, its too much :D