Monday, 11 August 2014


I’m hot because I’m zef, you ain’t because you not!
Dis iz why, dis iz why, dis iz why I’m hot motherfuckers!

Yeah wasnt being able to post recently, was very busy lately *coughs*. Im such a lazy ass... Ok not that much just i really had other activities.
I dedicate this post now for one of my fav bands, Die Antwoord. I was so lucky to attend at their concert last tuesday; while was making the pics,  i was inspired by the stage they had. Was just too fucking awesome, i really died. These hilarious artists on stage, weirdos all around (feels like home) all sweaty stranger bodies bouncing together going all crazy, feeling out of this world, smell of hemp fills the air, and so hot and lack of oxygen you literally could die... I think the most awesome concert i was ever at :D And they played all my fav songs even the grossest :D Since a week i really wish for a time machine... Whatever.


Skin: titzuki - Mimi / pale (i made it only for myself, sorry)
Hair: Blues. Crystal (Hair Fair gift)
Eyes makeup: Edenia - Mighty Eyeshadow (only 1L$! by Melysange)
Collar tattoo: .e.g. Lace Neck Tattoo (only 30L$ by Elizabeth Gaelyth)
Arms tattoo: e.g. Rose Arm Tattoo (only 20L$ by Elizabeth Gaelyth)


Tank: xxYOMESHOUJOxx -mini DRESS
Top: Ash's Trash - Alejandro Gun Bra (no guns now)
Skirt: Mind Games - (part of) 30s Elegance Dress (by Venus Nurmi)


Gauges: Bad Unicorn Clothing - Black Ear Gauges (Only 1L$!)
Nose chain: Lyndy in Chains -  Gold and silver nose chain w cross earring (only 5L$! by Lyndydia)
Cig: ENDEED - Cigarette - Green - Mouthpiece (only 1L$! by Daimon Haven)
Bangles:  BND - taped glove, bangles and rings black (only 10L$, by ling Serenity)
Blade: Lavarock Industries - Ravager Blade (free! by Damascus Lavarock)


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