Thursday, 29 May 2014

Living Dangerously

The other day i got something from my sponsor, Madpea (thank you Kiana!), it is a soldier RP outfit and its very good quality. I didnt feel like dressing up as a soldier but some other thing immediately came into my mind... Have you ever heard about Pieter Hugo? He is one of my favourite photographers, lives in South Africa. Makes amazing photographs of SA people, speaking the truth through a twisted, sick visionary. I love his photos. Check them out HERE

So you can guess, i was very inspired by him while making this session. I wanted to make a hyena picture but didnt find one anywhere so i decided to draw one, i hope you like it :D There are actually people in Africa called Hyena Men, if you are interested what do they do watch a video about them HERE. It's very interesting!

Why an african man with a gun? There are tribes there who literally live with AK-47 (its huge imported to Africa from the US and other countries; left from wars, and its a good business for them to get rid of it and sell for a buck to tribes who are enemies to each other; how kind of the US, no?) Too bad its not an AK-47, nevermind MP5 will be ok for this guy :D

About the tune: I found this today while was listening to african music, i instantly knew this will be the song of this post. Listen and maybe you will know why. Ok, off now :)


Skin: titzuki : Bastian skin deep / brows


Shirt: MadPea - Male Tank (part of Madpea Male Gamer outfit)
Shorts: (TMS) - Boardshorts (free!! by Kain Xenobuilder)
Slippers: FBI - Black & white sandals (free!! by Netfussel Button)


Bandana: River's Cove Shoppe - Riv's Bandanas (by River Brimm)
Gun: MadPea - Gun MP5K (part of Madpea Male Gamer outfit)


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