Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fallen Leaves

Hi! Long time no see :) I've been busy lately as many times. Still will be becouse i just got a comission work in RL, i will be working on in the next month, sorry for not so many posts.
This month going great so far, had a house warming party yesterday. Such a good party, even one guy threw up (shame on you! :D) We've been listening to this kind of music. We all listened to it when were teenagers. It's so sad we getting old and it was 9 years ago. At least our nostalgy is nothing like our parents'. Just imagine a bunch of grown-ups headbanging and kicking and shaking around :D Now its so late its early so just write this post and go sleep. See ya!


Skin: titzuki : Andrei skin light / brows
Hair: ILLMATIC :: Savee - Noir
Tattoo on neck: DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo (MOH4 item)
Whole body tattoo: Speakeasy - Posers Fall InLove (MOH4 item)


Shirt: [Iruco] mesh / K-I happi (bk)
Pants: Spirit Store - Lav unisex pants [GREEN]


Sunglasses: \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ - Hologram Glasses (by Alvina Belgar)

Bonsai trees: MadPea (@ The Arcade)


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