Monday, 8 August 2016

Cold Blooded

Lately i've been thinking about how i started creating and why. Well, when i joined SL that's what i wanted to do from the first time. Who knows me they also know i was drawing clothes since i was 7 and i even have a thick book full of childish designs :D Maybe I will recreate one of them in SL soon (if i find any good enough). It came in my mind the other day, first and foremost I make my stuff for myself, to have things i always wanted but cannot be find. How is it that I never wear my creations anyway? Unless it's for the vendor photo, and then i wear that outfit for a week. I'm a hobo, i admit it. I decided i will try to make more outfits with my own stuff from now, and incorporate my items in them. It's very fun mixing it with others' work! Nowadays i have a bit more time anyway, I'm done with the big summer events flooding for now. So, many new stuff coming soon, not much release-wide but a new mainstore i was working on for months and other good things, stay tuned!
Also check out my love's creations at the Bon Voyage fair, it's a japan theme and its very cool! He made these extra high sandals with lot of customizable details and also an oversized tee with awesome designs he made by himself! He's on a roll!

Hair: +elua+ Beck @TMD
Face jewels (forehead circle+stones by eye): titzuki : rangda face jewels
Slime: BOYS TO THE BONE - slime
Eye on hand: pLAST 3rd eye by Net Unplugged @ MP
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears 0.2 @The Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Shirt: titzuki : zangzi shirt (part of zangzi set)
Waist jacket: :::Breath::: ShirtAroundWaist
Pants: AMITOMO / High waist skinny jeans @ TMD
Handbag: Eclat - Flap Over Clutch
Sandals: BOYS TO THE BONE stacked sandals @ Bon Voyage Japan

Backdrop: Clemmm - Studio Skybox

Poses: an lar [poses] The Broken Series and titzuki - high and dry

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