Monday, 18 July 2016

Two souls no longer lost

Finally could blog a bit with my baby again. Nowadays i don't have time nor inspiration for it but after seeing this amazing set-up he made i had to join him :)

Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 49 (clearance sale)
Band-aid: eyecandy - band aid - basic pack @ The Crystal Heart Festival
Choker: BOYS TO THE BONE sex choker @ ROMP July
Shirt: Semller Vintage Band Shirt Male FATPACK
Coat: Gabriel - Offshoulder White fur RARE
Pants: \\ SEUL GARCON // Knee Rip Jeans - Onyx
Shoes: BOYS TO THE BONE suede heart shoes (fatpack, tinted)
Skateboard: [BUC] "Bandana" Sail Longboard

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