Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fall is here, hear the yell

Finally after very long time we had the chance to do a blogging with our dear potato friend Angie! Despite i was very tired and my pictures aren't my favourite i had fun doing butt pictures with her (those are private, sorry). Now i cannot write more because Jack is singing here next to me in swedish and it's very distracting (and a bit hurting to my ears), so just watch the pictures and credits :D

Hair: Moon. Hair // Broken
Shirt: :::Breath::: arm Warmer+shirt(type2) @MOH8
Necklace: Messiah x .Shi : Ginosko Harness Necklace
Jacket: AMITOMO. Leather jackets & Knit Dress
Pants: ::K:: Mod Pants Homme Red-Tartan @ TMD
Shoes: :::insanya::: Platform Oxfords - Solid @ The Seasons Story

Poses by SKBIO

For Angie's styling click HERE and for Jack's click HERE.

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