First of all, why is this object made from so many separate parts and not just one fitted mesh?

There are many different facepaints accessible with appliers for all kinds of mesh heads but none of these meshes support glow on tattoo layers -as i know- I wanted to make a spectacular item with which you can make interesting pictures even with dark windlights or go out in a club with the coolest glowing accessory. Due to so many face shapes and different mesh heads it would been impossible to make one general mesh that fits all, and also, making rigged/fitted mesh on head is impossible due to dull bone system of sl (that's why you cannot customize mesh heads) So, i decided to cut my mesh into pieces that fit exact parts of the face. With a bit of practice you can make it look even perfect on you!

So what to do?

1. Buy the mesh object.

This will be your base for the applier HUDs.

2. Buy the desired texture applier HUD.

There are 6 designs to choose from, note that they have a different difficulty level to fit. If you are not familiar with how to edit objects take note of this!

3. Safety copies and several HUD appliers.

It might be a good idea to make a safety copy of the base mask before you edit it, in case you mess it up too much you can always make a new copy! This is also good if you chose to purchase more than one design, make a copy of each and do some fine adjustment on each pattern.

4. Fit the mask roughly to your face.

The easiest is to keep your chosen HUD on and switch between the grid and the design by clicking on whichever you prefer at the moment.
After that, right click on the mask, either in your inventory or while on your face and click on edit. You are now in edit mode and will be able to move and scale the whole object to somewhat fit your face. Don't worry if it clips, the next step will show you how to edit the individual 22 pieces.

 Tip: If you cannot zoom in your face enough because parts get invisible, you need to set 'View angle' lower. You can find that menu by pressing Alt+P. Find that slider in DoF/Glow tab.

5. Edit the individual parts.

Stay in edit mode and click in the 'Edit linked' option in the edit window. You will now be able to click on separate parts of the mask and move/rotate/scale in whatever way will fit best on your face. Do note that this might take some time for the best result.

Tip: If you have a symmetrical face/mesh head you can fit one side of your face first and then copy over the numbers to the other side under the 'Object' tab in edit mode. Do note that when copying over on the Y axis on Position you will have to write a negative versus positive number, for example if your right cheek is on '0.04158', the left one will be on '-0.04158'.

6. Flat versus curvy faces.

Depending on your shape or mesh head, some pieces might be too flat or too curvy for you. this is easy to adjust by individually changing the scale of a piece, the depth of each piece decides how curvy it will be. See picture demonstration below.

Tip: Some parts might still not work after resizing/repositioning, in this case slightly rotate them and continue editing like that. Focus on the shapes of the face to make the item fit to them.

7.  Embrace your work

You did it! You can use the paint for pictures not so well fitted too, however if you would like to go out in it and be comfortable with it from all angles it worth the effort to aim to a skin-tight fit! (It might not be possible for any face shapes though, due to there are many different.)

8. Download UV windlights.

You can download 4 different UV windlights that shows off the paint in a realistic manner.

Find tutorial on how to install windlights here.

9. Have a blast with your new paints!

Please always refer back to this tutorial if you have problems with this item. In case of borked items or mishaps go to the re-delivery terminal found at the mainstore.

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