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Why is this product fully compatible only with Slink body if it's omega appliers?

You can apply the layers on any other Omega compatible bodies, however the result of the glitter layer will not be nearly as decent on other bodies like it will be on Slink. Right now that is the only mesh body on the market which supports customization of alpha masking, glow, shine and material on each layer. The nature of the glitter requires you to be able to customize to get the best result.
Note: If you have a mesh body from another creator and would like this system to be supported in their creations too, contact them to update their bodies!

How to set the product up to make it look like on the advertisement pictures?

1. Apply the Omega layers.

First apply the silver bodypaint, if you would like to have silver skin under the glitter. You can apply it directly to your skin OR on one of the clothing layers. DON'T need to apply both of them.
If you applied it to the skin, you are all set - now you can wear any make-up and clothing layers over it. If you apply to the clothing/make-up layers, there are a few things you have to be careful about:
     Body - You have to wear the silver paint UNDER the glitter for full effect. For example: silver paint on tattoo layer, glitter comes on undershirt/underpants layer.
     Face - If you are wearing a mesh head you might have unexpected results due to overlapping cosmetics layers of the mesh. This varies from mesh head to mesh head but on most of them, unfortunately the layers don't touch seamlessly, but overlap. This results in sharp lines, and that textures with transparency are more vibrant at one place than others. More about this in the next paragraph.

2. Omega face appliers options

There are 3 options for silver facepaint you can choose from. The most ideal option would be that you are able to wear the sheer option, with your skin showing under it. When you apply an Omega full face applier, you will apply it on tattoo layer, which applies the texture on all the head sections, even on the hairbase section. When it's on all the layers, the texture duplicates which is unlucky with full-face appliers with transparency. You can disable it on some sections with the head's HUD or with the Omega routing HUD - can be purchased HERE for free. Unfortunately the overlapping make-up sections in most head made that it's not possible to fix this problem with routing.

If its not possible due to overlapping cosmetics layers you can wear the silver paint on your face only with non-transparency: semi-sheer (made opaque only on the face so you can wear with transparent body layers) and opaque. If you would like to wear the opaque option you will have to fix your neck seam.



3. Changing transparency of the mesh body layers

If you wear the opaque silver facepaint you will have to change the layer where you applied the silver body texture to opaque too. In most mesh bodies' HUDs you can toggle the layer mask under the 'Layers' tab. Below it's illustrated on Maitreya body. After toggling, the body has the same opacity as the head.

If you wear the silver paint and the glitters also on your mesh body, it's the best if you toggle the glitter layer to alpha masking mode too, that way the seams of the glitters become sharp and you can see an illusion of glittering effect already without setting advanced lighting. See below where can you find this option in the Slink HUD: When you apply the texture it will be normal transparency by default, you have to set it to mask mode. The higher you set the number under 'toggle mask' the smaller the glitter pieces will become. Don't forget to set it on the right layer, where you applied the glitter texture, there are tabs in the bottom for each layer!

4. Glow and shine sliders, customization

I was waiting now for a long time from mesh body makers to get on making such customization available. What Slink did now with modifiable materials and glow options is revolutionary and brings a lot of opportunities, I hope other mesh body makers will also update their products soon!
How you set the glow/shine is totally up to your preference, you can find those option under the 'effects' tab of your HUD.

If you would like the glitter to be 'glow in the dark' set them to fullbright. If you would like to add some fairy-dust effect to it, set glow value too. It's recommended to have it on 1 by default for this product, but set it to higher and enjoy the result! You don't even need to enable advanced lighting for these effects to be shown.

5. Setting up the face panels

First, you will need to fit the mesh panels on your shape. About how to do that, you can find a tutorial with pictures HERE! (Read from the 4th paragraph)
When you are done fitting the shape to your face, you can look into masking, brightness and glow settings to change the appaerence of the object to your preferences. You can find those settings in the object's 'Edit' > 'Texture' tab.

Under 'Texture' tab there will be 2 big menus important for you, you can see them under transparency and glow slots.
1, If you are in the texture mode you can see next to the texture there are alpha modes, the object is set to alpha masking to have sharp lines. The higher the number is in the 'Mask cutoff' slot, the smaller the glitter pieces become. Alpha blending mode makes the edges more soft and subtle. Caution: If you use alpha blending, the shininess will become more subtle too, a.k.a the sparkles will not be as vibrant!
You can also set the object to full bright or toggle the glow slot, that way you can earn the same effects on it in the darkness like you did with the Slink body! (In glow what is 1 in the slink HUD is 0.1 in the edit!)
2, In shininess mode you can  change the strenght of sparkliness by changing glossiness or changing the color of the gloss! Feel free to experiment with it!

Tip: If you would like to you can also change the color of the object itself, for colored glitters! You can toggle glitter color on the Slink body's HUD too!

6. Example pictures

Don't forget, you will be able to see the sparkling in real time if you have advanced lighting enabled!
You can easily do that by pressing Alt+P on the computer and under 'Light' tab click in 'Enable Advanced Lighting Model'! If you are using attached or rezzed lights, also click in the other 2 options under it!

Experiment with these functions as much as you want, because you can create very different and interesting looks!

7. Have a blast with your new out-of-this-world look!

Please always refer back to this tutorial if you have problems with this item. In case of borked items or mishaps go to the re-delivery terminal found at the mainstore.

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