Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hands Down

Inside, the words are falling
Falling down
For it's pike
The hunter kills the
Village clown

Hi! Long time not blogging again... Went through quite messy times, now all is getting better... Here i made a post with my dearest, Abel, he fuckin' killed me... Check out his blog too, its awesomeness :) I dont tell you any story now, becouse its too late and i work tomorrow (yes, graphic designer, woot!!), i'd just like to highlight two shops I'm wearing many items from: Datum - the collar im wearing is from there, it looks so nice and has RLV function too, not a simple accessory, check out ;) The other shop is called Inhale, they make really cool tattoos and other accesories. They participate in an event called The Unique Varied, it starts 22 Oct, I'm now wearing their creation for that. So much awesome stuff, thanks!
Now its time to go for me, I'll tell stories another time (don't know when, soooo busy these days) Now click 'Read more' and find out about the items. See you!