Monday, 13 July 2015

If you wanna ride...

Don't ride the white horse

Nor the white pony - don't settle for less than a wild stallion at least! Muhahah.
This photoshoot happened almost accidentally the other day - We were both wearing the same amaziiing shoes and black clothes (90% of the time), I already looked like a doctor, Silky a farmer, soooo Jack, its time to chose a profession! I said be a cop or something, but nah, he doesn't like, he will be a horse instead! Okay than, I got very inspired, let's do it! We spend too much time in the stable, baby! :D


Hair: Analog Dog - Sundae
Top: Breath - Haori
Pants: 2byte - Slacks pants
Shoes: Harajuku - Galactic platforms black
Glasses: LC - Coke bottle shades
Stethoscope: *~PS~* - Nurse Stethoscope
Syringe: Meshy treasure trove - Mesh syringe
Bag: David Heather - Goldstone Bag Black


Hair: Besom - Decoy
Lips: BOYS TO THE BONE - Para-noir
Top: David Heather - Yang sweater
Skirt: .Shi Homme - Drape bermuda
Shoes: Harajuku  - Galactic platforms black
Face harness: Goth1c0 - Leather mask 2


Hair: (Nylon Outfitter) - Pixie Cut Tattoo in Red
Ears : Hail - Stretched ears in Tone 1
Body dirt: titzuki : ugly boy: dirty body (liner) (with TMP appliers!)
Shirt : *CASHMERE KEANE* - Texan Shirt in Black
Shorts : *MUKA* - Shirley in Black (Available at Chapter Four event)
Shoes: Harajuku  - Galactic platforms black
Hat : Mikunch -  Wide Brimmed Straw Hat : Plain with Ribbon (@Chapter4)
Earrings : Hail - Ear weight
Straw in mouth : [Stratton Straps] Chewin' Straw (recolored)
Pitchfork: STARMARK CREATIONS - PitchFork  dark brown


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