Saturday, 10 May 2014

My first mesh clothing out now!

To be more exact, the first mesh clothing which is made fully by me, from meshing to texturing. I had 2 mesh items before but those were from templates, now this isnt :) And its fitmesh, yeeeaah! :D

I've been studying 3D programs in the past month, yeah thats why i didnt really care about my blog neither :) This came out of the studying. I still can be better, and need to learn a lot, but i guess its not bad for a first try so that why i dare to give it away, i hope you will like it :)

However if you point out any mistake and have information about how to fix that, i will be glad to hear your thoughts! I'm a maximalist with my work so i fixed everything what i could see. But more eyes also see more, no?

I will sell these for 200L$, but now, only for one week you can get it for half price. Hurry up, becouse i set the price on 18th May. If you like any other items in my shop pick those also becouse after that date some prices will rise up to normal, some items will disappear forever.

Buy them on Marketplace or in Inworld shop


Have a nice day!


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