Friday, 23 May 2014


It was a very long time since i made my last post, apologies. As i started studying meshing i dont have much time inworld. The other day i saw of facebook that Illmatic has a 100 L$ sale so i had to buy this hair :D I dont know if its still on, go and check, worth it. Also there is another sale going on right now, at Faux, everything is 50L$ until the 24th, so tomorrow. Hurry and check out their MP if you want something. I bought these shoes and necklace there. Both lovely. I just realized how bargain outfit is it, but nevermind looks good, no? :D As i mentioned before i love to buy Natasha cheap things, there are so many good quality for that price. Here is everything between 0-100 L$. Yeeahhh!!

Also i just decided to change image style not just becouse laying image is the trend but also i started to find it irritating that i cannot see the whole image in a window. So from now i think it will be like this :D
Also, im still too lazy to provide LMs and such (and i think i always will be) but from now i will write the name of the creator of items if its not a very well known shop. It also helps, i search by creator often also :) Just type the name in MP or Inworld search and you found it :D


Skin: titzuki - Mimi black / pale (i made it only for myself, sorry)
Hair: ILLMATIC :: Emora - Storm (darkened a bit)


Shirt: titzuki : Shift blouse / Leather
Skirt 1: .:Vitrimi:. Skater Skirt Aztec 3 (fatpack, only 1L$! by Antumbra)
Skirt 2: *Dafnis MESH SWEET ELEGANCE BLACK (1 L$! by Sandra Serin; yes, it's actually a dress)
Pumps: FAUX - Scully Pump (50 L$ sale only until tomorrow; by Esmeralda80)


Nose chain: Lyndy in Chains -  Gold and silver nose chain w cross earring (only 5L$! by Lyndydia)
Plugs: [BU] - Black Ear Gauges (1 L$! by badunicorn)  
Necklace: FAUX - Chained ID Necklace (50 L$ sale only until tomorrow; by Esmeralda80)
Fur wrap: Programming Error - Stoat Fur Wrap (only 10 L$!)
Bracelet: Pure Poison - Locked Handcuffs (Groupgift!!)
Tattoo on arms: Mimi's Boutique - spicy tattoo (only 10 L$! by mimi Duffield)
Tattoo on right calf: ZAW - Tattoo Calf Skull Z1 (only 10 L$! by Zawader Aeon)
Tattoo on left calf: -IRONY- - I am mechanical (1 L$! by Pacagaio)

Now listen to and watch this sick, weird, relaxing, fresh song and its video.


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